61 days

“The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first.” 
Steven Pressfield

This has been quite a year for my family and I .There is so much to say and share with my friends and with my blog and newsletter followers. The problem has been time. I think you probably understand what I’m talking about and I thought I knew what busy was all about and then came 2014. I hestitate to write that I am back and reconnecting with my cyber friends through blog posts. I love sharing with others about creative endeavours, family life, and all that makes life’s journey so interesting, however as soon as I try to “get back to my normal life” something else happens and we are derailed yet again. Neverless here I go.

I spent the first seven months of 2014 buried in sewing and designing for my newest book which is going to arrive in June 2015. That seems like I long time doesn’t it???  HA! In the blink of an eye it will be here. I will tell you it is a Christmas themed book with lots of surprise elements. I loved every minute of designing, sewing and writing the book. Much more on this later. During the sewing process I had a lot of time to think. I knew I needed to slow down a bit or I was going to do fall out from exhaustion. I made a monumental decision that took a lot of time, thought and tears to bring me to a place I felt was “right”. I decided to close my THIMBLES CLUB in July. I have facilitated this group every third weekend for 10 years. We were 80 members strong and more great memories than I can list, my decision was to close the club cam a month after I completed the manuscript for my book. The last meeting was the third weekend in July. I think of those friends and 10.5 years of fabulous quilt memories every single day. Grateful for the love, fellowship and memories.

I began joyful anticipation of the birth of my grandchildren, twins due in October. I was on to designing their baby quilts and doing some more travel teaching. I had so much fun stuff coming up the last half of the year I could hardly wait! Three and half weeks after the club closing those twins that were to arrive in October decided to be make their appearance on August 11th, two an a half months early.

2014-08-13 12.26.22

The beginning of a 61 day journey. Owen was 3.10 lbs. Walker 3.6. Life in NICU was like nothing we had ever expected and certainly were unprepared for what was to come. I remember that on day 1 I asked how long they would need to be in NICU. I was told that usually premeeie babies go home around the time they would if they were full term babies. “In the fall,”

we were told. After they picked me up off the floor and completed CPR. I asked other people thinking that first doctor was WACKO. I received the same answer. The time ended up to be 61 days. They were right. The photo below is very special. The first time the boys were held by their Mommy, skin to skin or what is known as Kangaroo Time. The boys found each other! 

2014-08-26 11.25.48

I could write a book on the time we spent there. More information and stories that you would probably not want to read it all. What I will say is that the Doctors, Nurses and Nurse practitioners are angels walking on this earth. They taught us so much and the level of care our twins received was second to none! They cared for the family as much as they cared for the babies. THANK YOU MISSION HOSPITAL ASHEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA.

My daughter and Son in Love were so strong and have handled so much in their young lives and marriage I am proud to be their mom. Nuff said. Owen and Walker have jumped every milestone like rock star babies. While it took every bit of 61 days for them to be ready to leave they were doing just fine during the whole stay. We were at peace with where they were and what they were doing. Like I said the hospital educated us and let us know with every step what was going on. The next phase was homecoming.

2014-09-28 11.16.14

The babies are home and growing so fast. Emily and Russ will eventually be moving to Savannah so they have more “BIG LIFE EVENTS” ahead.We are family and will be there to support and help in all those transitions.

I will share the joy of these two little angels. They are perfect in every way. We know they will grow and catch up to their peers and be just fine.The two positive things about being in NICU:

#1 you get to have an infant newborn for a longer period of time. That stage is so short. We are enjoying it so much.

#2 you bring home babies that are fairly scheduled and we knew what to expect as far as their feedings and sleep patterns.

I will say that it was surprisingly hard to leave NICU. We were so “safe, protected,and lovingly cared for,” suddenly on our own. Emily felt this the most but we all had moments of missing our NICU family.

 To all the quilters who are my cyber friends a message! I have made quilts for babies in the hospital through my guild, also Linus blankets and mommy pads. I never thought for one minute that my family would experience receiving these gifts. The boys got Mommy pads on day 2. Emily rubbed the little flannel squares on her skin and the boys had them in their isolettes (or as I called them their Easy Bake Ovens.) Tears are coming to my eyes right now telling you this story. They got knitted hats from a dear friend and then they each got crocheted blankets from the Linus program. Keep quilting, knitting and crocheting friends……..YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THESE ITEMS ARE A COMFORT TO THE BABIES AND TO THEIR FAMILIES!!! There are simply no words how important this is…no words…

2014-11-11 08.42.24

So now you have the short story of our 61 days. I will be back to tell you some great quilting happenings I have wanted to share for 3 months. I would say the next post will be tomorrow but you know, I could get myself in a world of trouble.

2014-11-06 13.31.39

It only took me 2 days to write this post. This little guy and his brother need lots of cuddles.

 I sure would love a comment to let me know I still have friends reading my blog after such a long time. I have missed you all so much.