The time has come!

Come Celebrate with me all year-long! – Pat Wys

2014 was a landmark year for me. I spent the first half of the year working on my newest book for Martingale. Quietly stitching and enjoying every single minute of the process. Except the deadline which I take quite seriously! As you know all this is kept quiet secret and I was not able to share.

I turned in my manuscript in mid July. I thought I had plenty of time to regroup and get ready for the birth of my Grandsons. Many of you know our family story and rejoiced in the arrival of these precious angels too! Boom the boys, Owen Andrew and Walker Neil decided not to wait until October and made their appearance early, August 11. Thus began the second half of the year. So much joy and so little time.  All is well now and right with the world. The boys are thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. So the time has come to announce to the world the impending birth of my newest baby. (this won’t be early…trust me..).

Handmade Christmas Cover

Here she/he is… the cover of Handmade Christmas Cheer and I could not be happier! You will have to wait until June for the official delivery but stay with me friends I have plans and parties to come. This book is so very special because it’s focus is on the happiest time of the year and the hallmark of the book is handwork. Wool applique and embellishments, embroidery and some fabulous projects (ok so I am a proud mama).

2014 was an amazing year with so , blessings. I count my friends as the best parts of living a blessed life that can possibly be offered! Let’s go 2015! Come play with me there is so much to celebrate!!!