“It was like the way you wanted sunshine on Saturdays, or pancakes for breakfast. They just made you feel good.”
Sarah Addison Allen, Garden Spells

I have wanted to write this particular blog post for months! I want to share with you my experience in finding comfort in the oddest places.. There was one very  comforting experience I held very close to my heart during the long long days of visiting the NICU over the course of 61 days.The quilts in the Hospital..I will never forget them.

At Mission Hospital in Asheville there are framed quilts ALL OVER THE WALLS AND HALLS of the NICU, Mother Baby floor, and Womens Med surgery floors. QUILTS EVERY WHERE! There are so many I never even tried to count them all. My family just ignored me when I talked about each one. You know the drill “There goes Mom again, all about the quilts!” Mother deafness probably, they really sweet to let me go on and on.(and on and on)

NICU Quilts 1

The strange part is that no one even knew what those quilts meant to me.I was actually figuring it all out my self. On the days I got dressed and hurried to the hospital not knowing what would be going on. A little scared I guess but actually just more anxious. Parked the car and went into the hospital. There they were. The first thing I saw when I got off the elevator. My quilts! and I was comforted immediately.


When I needed to just stretch my legs and take a little walk ponder the latest medical evaluations we had heard, or just give Emily and Russ some time alone.  I could go visit my quilts. They never left me alone.


I would drag myself out of the hospital at night, knowing I was going back to Emily’s house and would be alone, Russ in Savannah, Husband and my youngest daughter in Atlanta. The last thing I saw were the quilts quietly going to sleep as the hospital was slowing down after a busy day. They were especially peaceful at night with their eternal spotlights on! 


There were some baby quilts in the NICU pink and blue ones watching over all those babies who were fighting to live. Those quilts were the sweetest of all.

2014-08-12 12.11.34

I wonder have you ever experienced peace and comfort in THIS WAY from the simplest of things? I think we must all be rushing around so fast maybe we miss things like this. Those quilts had a job to do and it wasn’t just decor. I learned to open my eyes and take the comfort that was offered to me without one single spoken word. Those quilts are comfort for all who need it, quietly hanging on the wall doing their job.

I teared up, I smiled, I giggled at times and I found the comfort I needed so much. If you are a quilter reading this blog post I will tell you this…I never looked at the quality of construction of one single quilt. It never crossed my mind. In my eyes each one was a masterpiece. Each one was a reminder to me of why we quilt. Did I have a favorite quilt? Yes, it was the quilt that was the first one I saw as I stepped off the elevator and she was last one I saw as I left for the day. This one! I think she was hung there JUST FOR ME! Maybe one day I will visit her again.

NICU favorite

  Go sew today it is so meaningful.We are so lucky to be quilters, creators of comfort.