It isn’t what we think or say that defines us.

It is what we do.

Jane Austen

My last post was January 5th! At the time of that post, I seriously believed  I was going to be working and designing again early in 2015. (I was seriously wrong.) There was a mission to acomplish and it  was NOT COMPLETE. In my head I knew that everything has its own way and needs time and space. I just had to LIVE that life and understand that all would be well, the way it was supposed to be in good time. I hoped that would recognize what that time was, in my heart and head eventually. So I will begin with a bit of a recap of 2014.

I began 2014 with the writing of my newest book Handmade Christmas Cheer which will debut at Spring Market and will ship mid June. (or at least I believe that is the schedule). Much more will be written about the book in the coming weeks. The anticipation of getting a real copy of my book is so strong right now, I can hardly stand it. This book just blows my skirt up!

The first 7 months were consumed with intense designing, sewing and writing the manuscript. From a blogging perspective there is always frustration in wanting to show and tell and talk about what I am sewing. NOPE, ZIPPO, BIG FAT NO, RIGHT?  and THAT BUGS ME.

Handmade Christmas Cover

Then the personal/family stuff. Emily and Russ were pregnant and we knew that early on. Our family was so filled with joy and anticipation. These parents two were going to become parents again. We all quietly and in our own way still think about and grieve over the loss of our sweet Jackson but at last, joy again was on the horizon. As it turned out it was going to be double joy! Twins!

I finished my manuscript and sent the projects off to Martingale mid July. I remember saying and thinking OK it is the end of July I have plenty of time to design and make quilts for the babies, due in October, and put life back together after the intensity of writing a book.” The Earl de Schlep was looking forward to a home cooked meal or two. Then came the biggest surprise of all. Three weeks after I mailed the manuscript. The twins were born very early at 30 weeks. August 11, 2014.

NICU collage

The situation is further complicated (as if preemies and NICU are not enough of a complication) by the fact that my Son in Love had taken a new job and was already working in Savannah. A move was planned from Asheville NC. to Savannah after the babies were born. They were separated from each other almost the entire pregnancy. There was a house to be sold, a house to be purchased, preemie babies, the holidays and the list goes on. How in the hell was all this going to happen? Well I will tell you. We all learned to take it one day at a time and take it one decision at a time.  We spent 6.5 months together with Russ coming in on weekends and me running the roads between Asheville and Atlanta. The babies thrived and grew. What a joy they are! They really were amazing little fighters. From NICU to a transition room in the hospital (we thought transition would be about 1 week, it turned into 3. Emily was there 24/7 and we ran the roads). Then came homecoming day. 61 days from start to finish.

The mission was still not complete. The next step was to get the house in Asheville sold so we transitioned Emily and the babies, the week before Thanksgiving, to our family home in Atlanta. The house went on the market and sold in 5 days. The holidays were upon us and closing was in January. Holidays came and went.There was a Baptism, Santa, New Years and a house to be  purchased in Savannah. It is all really a blurrrr right now. Shall I mention that my book was also in editorial during this time. Another process!

PicMonkey Collage

We finally moved Emily and the babies to Savannah the end of February. Talk about crazy town. Babies, boxes, burps, bottles, and a blizzard of business! As I drove away from Savannah I said to myself. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED that little family was finally together they way it was meant to be. (and my heart was broken, missing those babies I cried for the entire 4.5 hour drive). We have had a wonderful year full of family, joy, and so many blessings. Grateful for the gift of new life and family love.

happy bumbo

I have spent the last month trying to figure out where I have been and where I am going.So much to say and do. I think this year I would like to discover what the NEW NORMAL will hold!

I will end here. My head and heart was reconciled and I know that now is where I push the restart button on Silver Thimble Quilt Co. I am back to designing, blogging and teaching again. Praying I still have those faithful followers of this blog and hopefully more to join us.


Thanks for reading friends. From two cool dudes living the good life on Skidaway Island…Savannah!