Home Again Home Again

There is always…ALWAYS…something to be grateful for. -unknown

Home from Quilt Market in Minneapolis.My Debbie (I call her that but she is my Debbie to many) and I had the time of our lives. We laughed and talked non stop for 4 days! Another (one of many) fabulous memories!

Thank you Martingale. You are the BEST from Schoolhouse, letting me put stupid hats on you, to book signings where I had everything I needed provided for me. Special thanks for the huge (big ass) book cover poster. Dang!!!! that thing blew my skirt right up! Perfection.


Then there was the market fun. Breakfast of Champions, a restaurant full of talented designers with cinnamon rolls. What is better than that?? Drinks with close friends. Dinner with close friends..laughter beyond hilarity. NO SLEEP! I am exhausted with a big ol’ smile on my face.


Once again I am reminded that I live a life full of blessings and gratitude.