Reset Again

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.  – Brené Brown

When you really think about it, the above quote is so true. Being vulnerable opens so many doors in life, the list is endless. love,dealing with loss, fearlessness, learning new skills,confidence, and taking risks, all stem from a place of vulnerability. I have spent some time in a state of vulnerability and have found it to be my friend.

In recent months I have been conflicted, to say the least, between what do I want to do and what can I do? Are there enough hours in the day for me to accomplish what needs to be cared for, and the addition of  keeping my beloved design business viable ? My family comes first, period end of sentence. Is there still room to design and feed that creative part of me? For quite some time I thought NO!

My  ride through Vulnerable Land gave me a clear answer ,”Sure you can!What is stopping you Pat?” So here I am, for what I believe is the third time in a year… pushing the reset button yet again.  My business will look different because my life is wonderfully different. I am beginning with reconnecting with my blog, which has always brought me tremendous joy. Extending my business page on facebook, and other things.  I have given this much, much (too much) thought and I am ready to continue designing and blogging. Yes I am!

Christmas Cover edited

First up for me  is paying homage to my newest book.Beginning next Tuesday September 15th, and every Tuesday through December I will post  a tutorial onprojects for Christmas  using my book as our guide. Summer is over, you havevisited the Christmas in July events, welcome to Christmas GET ‘ER DONE! (I am southern ya know)

Get the book and choose some projects. There are projects for everyone from super fast to work up to a few that will take a bit more time. We will go over each project with tutorials, special tips and ideas not found in the book. You can purchase the book right here on my web site  (signed by me) as well as through Martingale Co. The starting project will be Long Winters Nap which is the bed sheet or pillow case.

See you  next Tuesday my quilty friends.