That was the day she promised herself to live more from intention and less from habit.

A. Rubin

I am turning a new page in my personal, professional and life in general. This includes blogging and all forms of social media. I used to love my blog, facebook and Instagram (I have a Twitter account which remains tweetless), I loved sharing the many twists and turns of life with cyber friends. It became a conflict in my cyber life that I could never share projects that I was working on. I always felt a self imposed pressure to hide my sewing and make my cyber stuff such a business thing! I don’t know when that happened but it did.  I am done with that. I want to write and share  all things I enjoy. If, in the process of sharing  new designs someone decides to duplicate my work (that is nice talk for getting knocked off, copied, etc.) then SO BE IT. It is probably going to happen anyway (and has)! 

Vicki's quilt 1

As for my personal life changes. I am slowing down a bit and not over scheduling myself. My eldest daughter has 3 precious children and I want to be present in their lives. My youngest daughter recently got engaged and we are in full wedding planning mode. OH LAWDY!!!  We are all so excited to have a new Son in Love! Get ready for some sharing on that front. My husband is still working but is slowing that down a bit. So we get more time together as well. It’s all gooood.

2015-09-19 18.23.12

I am still loving travel and teaching at guilds and shops. This works out because we can schedule ahead and make plans. The husband, AKA Earl de Schlep travels with me.  My love of teaching and being in the classroom began with teaching children and now teaching quilting! I am sooo blessed. The title TEACHER is a title I most adore. (after wife, mother and Grandy).


So here I am. Loving my life, family, sewing, designing, reading, cooking and people! Come join me. Leave me a comment now and again. That sure does keep a blogger motivated to share and write.On Friday I have an announcement about a special event on the 25th of each month..hmm may have something to do with a Holiday..