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Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and

wake up with a purpose. -unknown

Well it is apparent that my post last month was  derailed. I seem to find myself in family and other obligations getting derailed on a regular basis. The truth is my husband and I have both had some medical issues which are fine now but we both got knocked down in July and are finally get are wings straped on again. We have also had grandchildren here and I was with them for a week in Savannah, during the time of my planned last post. My grandson had some minor eye duct surgery and then about a week or so later they were evacutated from Savannah because of hurricane Matthew. Holey Cow it has been super crazy around here. 3 babies under two years old is a hurricane in itself…OF THE BEST KIND I MIGHT ADD!  All of this brings me to my blog and getting the time at the computer to write.

I looked at the site traffic and made a decision to ask you if you are interested in the 25th of the month tutorials and topic..Handwork and other projects  related to Christmas. Send me a comment either on this blog or via email through my website and I will let you know if I see enough interest to continue on. I have tons of other stuff I want to share in my quilty life and and beyond.

Let me know how you feel…Your comments are most beneficial. I will check and get back to you ASAP..Here is a project I am still working on..lots to say about this!


Oh the wool. How I love thee!