The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Ok! so I said I would update on Monday and Thursday. Well you know about those best laid plans. Yesterday I was in the studio sewing all day and just couldn’t stop!

Meet Licorice she is a very close friend of mine! I love her dearly because she is so strong and loyal..very dependable. She is easy to travel with! I keep her bags packed and take her with me frequently. She loves Aurifil thread which keeps her slim, tidy and in shape! Do you have names for your quilting friends/tools?

I have been sewing in the studio the past two days and have had some time to reflect on my business, and the vision for what I am working so hard to achieve. If you have a romantic vision that owning a quilt design company is all play and strips of fabric flying everywhere.. let me help you put those visions aside. The technology and business end of starting a company like mine has a steep learning curve. Then there is the design element with the sewing and changing and experimenting…(I love that part no kidding.) There is the writing, editing, proofreading, publishing, marketing end..this is the most exhausting and scary part of my work and I am learning more and more everyday. Here is the big one, the quilt industry is full of quilt designers, it is competitive and I have learned you better have your “A” game on at all times. Make no mistake about it I AM WORKING! I remember my Dad saying “Anytime your hobby becomes a business it ceases to be an activity you do just for pleasure.” For the most part that is right but the flip side of that is… how blessed am I to be working in a field that I love? How many people can really say that?? It is a wonderful gift! I have had a few rough days in the past week that make me wonder if I have what it takes or better yet…Have I lost my mind. I am surrounded with wonderful friends and family who cheer me on so I get over those yucky thoughts in a hurry and just go back to work. I love the new designs I have in the pipeline so much I can’t wait to get them out of the studio and into pattern and production form. Wow! I am going on and on…Thanks for listening… Back to the studio!


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    You have to take some calculated risks in this business, and not are all successful. If you weren’t occasionally plagued with self-doubts, I’d say you’re not really investing yourself completely in your dream. You just have to keep picking yourself up and learning from every experience. If there are no mistakes then you’re not taking any risks…the trick is to not repeat your mistakes! Hang in there…it’s all good!

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    I know for a fact that all the sisters are behind you 150% (at least). I have learned so many things from you and I am proud to call you my mentor. So hang in there and keep designing more and more wonderful projects. FYI next time we meet you will see a completed Rotten Vegetables!!!

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    Keep working!! I love all your patterns.

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    I love all your designs and have learned so much from you – from your original ABC’s class to the Silver Thimble Quilt Club series. If I learn one thing from each club/class, then each one is very beneficial. But, ususally I learn much more than one thing and it is always fun!!

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    I am in awe of quilters who own and actually use their old Singers!
    They are adorable!!
    Thank you for showing me wonderful quilts on your blog!

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    Smooches from Seattle!!! Miss you Pat! You are the best and listen to what Melisa says–she is right on! Remember: if you can get Karin to do the A-word, you can do anything ha ha ha ha 🙂 !!!!! See you soon! Gretch

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