Shared joys make friendships…
-Samuel Johnson

Summer is such a sweet time of year! I’ve been thinking about all there is to do this summer but my mind goes directly to one event! SUMMER STITCH IN. The memories of past Winter and Summer Stitch Ins make me smile in anticipation of the event. Everyone I meet at the shop is getting geared up. Sewing for 7 days, 12 hours each day…laughing, talking, eating, playing left right center games, prizes, massages, facials, crying, counting finished projects, empty bobbins, getting your name on the board (oops), time out! and some kind of massive sewing!!!! The event is a sell out every year. Who will win the coveted JUGS this year. Who wouldn’t want to win a Jug full of fabric shavings??? Well I simply can’t wait. I heard someone explaining what the Stitch In was to another person who had never attended, “Don’t tell my husband but it is the best vacation I have ever had!” I’m so grateful to coordinate this event and thankful to Stitch ‘N Quilt for hosting. The fun, friendships and memories last forever! LET THE GAMES BEGIN THIRD WEEK IN JULY!!

I am commitment free until Monday! What does that mean?? I am putting the pedal to the metal and sewing my brains out. I have three major designs I want to finish so that I can write the patterns. Finding long stretches of good studio time is often difficult for me. It seems to come in spurts which is not particularly a good thing. Try as I may to maintain a “schedule” I’m like everyone else on the planet and get interrupted/side tracked. So this is me…….signing out off to swim and then I’ll be locked up inside my WONDERFUL STUDIO, ipod loaded with books and music….DH has golf scheduled Saturday and Sunday… (don’t feel sorry for me it’s a great place to spend time). I’ll take pictures.

Have a quilty day,


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    You are totally correct. Who can ever describe Summer Stitch-In?? Can you believe I am looking forward to it more than the cruise???

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