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It was bound to happen blog meets……committee! 4:15 a.m and the committee that lives inside my head has call a meeting (an hour ago!) The gavel rang down and the committee drug me out of bed for a meeting. And I was sleeping soooo well. Who and what am I talking about? Lest you think I am nuts or afflicted with multiple personalities, don’t fret this is just my little gift from the hormone gods.

I have my very own committee that calls meetings in the middle of the night. They wake me up, we get out of bed and have discussions on tasks that need to be done. The meeting tonight is lengthy. There is the blog which didn’t get updated yesterday issue so here I am 4 hours and 20 minutes into Tuesday. Then there is the new designs percolating, I love them all and the design committee member wants to go sew so I better type fast. There is the current DD wedding committee member, the exercise committee, the eat healthy committee, you have ironing backed up committee, and the clean house like Martha would expect committee member and blah blah blah..Get the picture??? I have lots of these meetings so chances are real good I will introduce you to various members of the Committee that lives inside my head” in the future! (PS. WAIT TILL ONE MONTH PRIOR TO QUILT MARKET…THE COMMITTEE NEVER SLEEPS.)

My book club met at my house Sunday night. We read the book “When Crickets Cry” by Charles Martin. The book met with lukewarm responses from the Book Club. We’ve read better books in the past. Our new book is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith a book I think and other members think we each may have read years and years ago. Or perhaps I saw the movie if there is one. I’m looking forward to this read. I was telling my friend Debbie this morning that the wonderful thing about this book is that often times we read books that we might never had thought about if it were not for the group.
I think reading is such a pleasurable thing. I don’t really consider it a hobby but at some level I guess it is. It is what I have always done, every day. I have loved getting into books on tape and now I load them onto my ipod and sew like crazy. I also love to listen to books when I’m working around the house. So I always have two books going at one time reading and listening… Yes sir books on tape are a good thing!

My daughter and her fiancee are coming into town tomorrow night, the younger daughter and maid of honor is coming home as well! We are in full wedding mode through the weekend…No sewing going on here. We are having tastings with the caterer, cake tastings with the bakery, meeting with the florist, tux arrangements, shopping, list checking, etc etc etc……..NO SEWING GOING ON WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY afternoon!! shh don’t alert the committee. I’m a mom FIRST. The other stuff will have to wait this is a very special time for our family and I just love it when my babies (25 and 19) are both asleep in their beds!!!

Have a quilty day,


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    I have those committees too…(some of them I would rather ignore, but they are there, just the same)

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    Your comments on books and reading are so what I feel too. Wish I could get “excercising” to be so what I do too 🙂 That’s what I love about book clubs, too. I discover something that I would have never read on my own.

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