Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
-Albert Einstein

I can’t stop smiling when I think of the wonderful weekend we just spent with my daughter, her wonderful finance’ and his family. They came to Atlanta to meet and visit with us and see all the wedding venues! We went up and down Peachtree Street like Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett! What fun. We grilled out and sat on our porch and laughed our heads off and made more plans for our November wedding. The reality of this event is really setting in now and if the event is even a TINY BIT as happy and as fun as this weekend was we are in for a TREAT!!!!

So now its back to Silver Thimble Quilt Company and the new designs and patterns for Fall Market. I have complete the writing process for Pinwheel Parade and The New Slice of Christmas. Today I will write the pattern for a project which is finished but yet to be named!!! I usually have a name right away but I don’t for this one. hmmm name blockage a new problem…I’ll have to get in the car and drive it will come to me!

Here are some more fun pictures of the Stitch In. Kristie shows us how to follow the directions on a pattern when they say to randomly mix block elements. No planning here!! I love it!!!! Throw um up in the air and sew um together. What can be better than that?? The other picture is of Catherine and her show and tell. It is a wonderful quilt and she is a wonderful quilter. Prolific! a mother of 3 young children too!

I’m adding 10 Quilting Wishes to my blog. These are important but in a different category from the 20 other wishes. How about you?

1. I wish fabric would NEVER RAVEL
2. I wish my bobbins would fill themselves as I sew
3. I wish I had more time to hand quilt (maybe I need to assess my time management)
4. I wish Moda and other fabric manufacturers would reprint more of their lines
5. I wish to design fabric (big dream!)
6. I wish I could do lectures and workshops at every shop and guild in the nation (I love, love, love to do this!!)
7. I wish to run retreats and workshops bringing quilters together and promoting the art and love of quilting. (how the heck can I do that while I am doing #6)
8. I wish quilting burned more calories
9. I wish ONE of my children (two daughters) would turn out to be a quilter.(we need lots of younger people to join us and carry on the traditions, besides they would inherit some great stash and notions…machines…etc.)
10.I wish I could make a quilt for every sick person to hold and be comforted on the planet.

Ok it’s time to get to quilting! Family fun weekend is officially over now….what am I going to name that new pattern??


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