They are all there in that quilt- my hopes and fears, my joys and sorrows, my loves and hates. I tremble sometimes when I remember what that quilt knows about me.
-author unknown

Here areSue and Becky two happy winners of the Left Right Center game. They won a ton of fat quarters! Like I said the fellowship is amazing.

I’m trying to post a couple of pictures of quilts but blogger has decided I’m not going to do it! GO FIGURE. Will try again at the next posting.

Just got back from the denstist. Getting my choppers shined up. LOVE IT. Now I’m off to write another pattern. and oh is MONDAY and that means it is cleaning with DH. I just love MONDAYS…….hmm

Thinking about all my teaching friends who started preplanning at school today. I have many memories of that! I do miss teaching little ones from time to time. Then I get over it and go make a quilt. I’ve had two careers……lucky me.



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    What is the Left Right Center game? We’re organizing a quilting retreat and I’m wondering if this is something we might find useful. Can you email me about it at [email protected] ?

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