At the end of the day….love is all that matters.
Well..the whole weekend went to the bride. The MOH was present and was so much help to us…my younger daughter is preforming her maid of honor duties beautifully. We shopped our brains out on Saturday and some of Sunday. You know the girly stuff party dresses, honeymoon in Mexico stuff etc.etc. etc. Fun but we sure were tired and then Sunday(until 2 am) and Monday until I had to put her on a plane we worked on programs, favors, gifty things etc etc etc…We had so much fun. I am looking forward to the Nov 15th special day but so sad that this sweet time planning with my daughter for her wedding is going to be coming to a close. I was told before this all started that it is so stressful and that I should prepare. Sorry I’m not stressed…

If I wanted to get stressed this would certainly be a good time to do that! I’m choosing to take small bites of the elephant and hopefully everything will fall into place. What do you think? If I look at all that has to be done in the next 60 -70 days I probably could just sit in the floor and cry! I think I’ll just dance instead!!!!! I mean…a WEDDING..SO EXCITING…FALL QUILT MARKET…WOW HOW FUN IS THAT??….SILVER THIMBLE QUILT CLUB launching it’s first internet program.. BLOCK OF THE MONTH…OMG I’m tickled pink (or in the case of this quilt BLUE). I am so excited to be working on a BOM program to debut at Fall Market. My friend Debbie and I are working together to get this program ready. I think that it is going to be very special and that shop owners will like its presentation. I will check on posting a picture of the quilt real soon…

Again I hate keeping all this market stuff a secret but I’ve been told that I HAVE TO! I just hate being TOLD and I really hate the HAVE TO PART. HMMMM.

Have a quilty day,


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    Internet Silver Thimble Club AND a BOM!!! You go girl!!! Sounds like things are fun and busy in ST-land. Miss you!!!

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    Pat, I am right there with you! I am hoping that the jigsaw puzzle comes together successfully on November 8th for us. Spent all day stuffing invitations and thinking of the elephant herd. I really prefer the small bites!!

    I can not wait to get in on the BOM!!!


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