It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.
– Erma Bombeck

We are back from a fun trip to the North Georgia mountains, in Blairsville. Wow! MISTY MOUNTAIN QUILT GUILD what a wonderful group. This group was warm and welcoming and the were about a zillion people in attendance. I enjoyed my lecture the group was super interactive and the workshop was tons of fun on Tuesday. “Quilt Boy” went with me and he hauled the quilts around and took care of the details and I just jumped around with all the quilters and enjoyed myself! Now I’m really playin the PRINCESS CARD aren’t I??? So it is back to reality and getting ready to go to the “Quilters Paradise 2009” retreat in Panama City Florida. Quilt boy is staying home so I guess I will leave my princess crown at home and haul 50 quilts around myself. dang

We had an interesting ride into Blairsville…we had to drive over “Blood Mountain”. Now just seeing the name made me a little nuts. Then there were the crosses with people names along the sides of the road. Did I say sides of the road? Well there was not much “side” to the road. Twisty turns, foggy mist (well it was the Misty Mountain guild we were seeking). I was not enjoying that part of the ride and Quilt Boy knew it, could be the clutching of the door handles and gasping. Of course we did the same route on the way home..more clutching and gasping.. I don’t think I would like to cross that mountain on a daily basis. The ladies at the Guild told me they all hate that mountain too. They also told me a few horror stories for me to digest as we drove the mountain on the way home…SWELLL!

I spent the morning the vets office with Osama Bin Doggie aka Sophie. She was not a happy camper and very disrespectful to the staff and doctor. You get the drill they brought out the muzzle. Now she is on benadryl and calmed down a bit. They think she has allergies and needs prescription meds…#$%$%^&$%^& no tellin what that is gonna $$$$$. Oh well anything for little precious!

I’m taking Licorice to Florida (featherweight) I would love to get some sewing done while I’m away! Somehow these things never quite happen the way I plan them. We will see. I read other blogs from other teacher/lecturers and they manage to sew a good bit while on the road. I’m going to see if I can accomplish just that! Sewing in my hotel room may be just the relaxation I need prior to pre surgery week.

Oh and remember the scraps? Well my Silver Thimbles helped me a lot in that they thought working on some blocks/quilts for charity/Hospice could be a good thing. I am going to investigate the hospice organizations in my area while I’m recovering from surgery.. They will talk to me while I’m on drugs I”m sure of that!!!

Have a quilty day/night


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    That mountain sounds too scary to me, too. I hope you have a good trip to FL. Even if you don’t get any sewing done, you will at least be someplace WARM. Today our temps went up over 60 and the snow and ice from yesterday melted. Then downpours started and the temps will plunge tonight and leave us with black ice. I want WARM. Can you mail some up here to me when you are in FL???? 🙂

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