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LOOKIE LOOKIE…I won the cutest table runner from the “Whirl into Winter Giveaway” I had so much fun visiting so many bloggers which was really my objective. I NEVER DREAMED I could be so fortunate as to win a prize… I found out that I had won through email then waited for the mail to come…well the package got a little delayed in my neighborhood but I finally got it…isn’t it cute!!! I especially love the appliqued snowflakes..just precious. I’m going to take it with me to show in my quilt lecture in Panama City this weekend I will add it to the line up of 50 other quilts and show it off.

The workmanship and care Doris put into this project is obvious. I will treasure it for many years to come…Thank you Doris. Visit her blog it is terrific! Threads of Conversation. I hope I get to meet you someday Doris.

I think I told you that I started this blog thing reluctantly and now I feel so blessed to be connected to so many wonderful bloggers. Thanks so much for making my quilting/life/etc, blog such a fun thing to get into. I will be thinking about having a give a way soon. (post knee surgery)

Packing again to go to Quilters Paradise retreat in Panama City.. I can’t wait. I’ll be driving by myself so I’ve got the Ipod all ready with my books and music. I’m going to listen to the last part of the the book “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown and then who knows I have about 16 books loaded onto my Ipod so I’ll choose another book for the rest of the ride. I absolutely love to listen to a book while driving it really makes the trip so nice. I’ll miss Quilt Boy this time!

Speaking of Quilt Boy…he struggles with meals while I’m away. To be honest he still is a little unsure as to which appliance is the microwave! I’m the chef in this organization for sure. I left him some Ziti and bread and I made a big salad…I will be home Sunday evening so hopefully the house will still be standing. That is if he doesn’t turn the gas stove on! His job is to take care of Osama Bin doggie, she is apparently alergic and has a disc problem in her back so in addition to his kitchen duties he has to administer the doggie meds. YIPPES! Sophie is in for it.

I plan to document my trip while away and will blog about my Florida adventures.

Have a quilty weekend,


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    What a great looking table runner! I did the Whirl Into Winter Blog visits too. I also won a prize. It’s a kit for a wool banner. It hasn’t arrived in the mail yet , but should any day now.

    Have a fabulous time in Florida! What a great time to be away for a retreat and/or classes.

    I have just finished Eragon on my Ipod. Great reader! I’ve started Eldest the next in the series. My boys at school are impressed that I’m reading dragon fantasy.

    Take care! See you when you return!

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    Have a happy and safe trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it. LOVE the table runner….it is very nice! I won a jelly roll….YAY for winning!!! BUT….having a blog and meeting lots of other bloggers is the biggest prize of all, isn’t it?

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    Lovely table runner! Have bunches of fun in Florida and keep Karin in line LOL!

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    Hi, Pat! Thanks so much for the shout out on your blog…I am so glad you liked the table runner (I kind of miss it, but am glad to know it is appreciated in its new home!)

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    I love the table runner, can’t wait to hear about the trip.

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