The Three Best Doctors are faith, time and patience.
-From a fortune cookie

Well it seems everyone from at least the Mississippi River to the Atlantic ocean got some snow. We Atlantans are enjoying the 5″ we got here in the burbs. My friend and fellow Thimble Sue took this picture…“YET ANOTHER USE FOR A 6″ RULER”. We quilters are certainly resourceful wouldn’t you say?
So, yesterday I decided that my first real venture out of the house would be eventful to say the least. We were invited to a dear friend whose daughter was getting married and coincidentally the wedding and reception was downtown at the Biltmore, the same place where my daughters wedding reception was held. Also, my daughter was their wedding coordinator (a part time fun job for her). SO…. here I go hopped up on PERCOCET…cane in hand….IN A DANG BLIZZARD. We had a huge group of friends who organized and rented STREACH HUMMER so we would not have to drive in the SNOW. The thing drives up and I’m thinking how the heck am I going to get up in that thing. Well the other 16 people got in and me “the bionic knee” (did I mention the PERCOCET) I get in last. Ok so I’m in.. I felt like we were going to PROM with my peeps. We get to the Biltmore and they parked me in a chair with my leg proped up so I pretty much looked like a potted plant sitting in my chair (oh yes remember the PERCOCET). I did some table sitting and chair dancing, held court and let everyone bring me food and stuff. I was in pain for the most part and this little event was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done but I was so glad to be there to see Abby get married and hug Rosalyn’s neck and support the family of the bride. Andy got to dance with his daughter which is always so sweet for me to watch. I took another PERCOCET and we drove home with Emily, while the rest of the group had the return trip in the HUMMER. I think I’ll stay home and not venture out until I get better control of the pain and can defog my brain cells. Typical for me to make my first trip out of the house a DOOZIE!

Sew something for me today,


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    YIKES…that could have been one disaster if you slipped…I know the one thing that can undo a recent joint replacement is a FALL. I’m glad you didn’t have one….and I think your adventures should be a little less risky than going out in a snowfall now until you are totally healed.

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    You beat me to it. I was thinking of using Sue’s picture, too. It’s a perfect blog photo. So glad that you were able to attend the wedding. Love the streach hummer! Gosh, Percocet, the Prom, Canes, New Body Parts! Maybe, we should rent a Hummer for Shop Hop 🙂 Take care!

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