A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
-Leonardo da Vinci

Well this quote is the truth because if we have a well spent day we fall into a coma when our head hits the pillow. These are the pre market days for sure. Here is a picture of two childrens quilts I made for my guilds annual Just For You, quilts for Childrens Health Care of Atlanta. This is a wonderful event in which the members of our guild make 400+ quilts and donate them to Scottish Rite Hospital here in Atlanta. That being said here is my ugly story!!!

I usually make more than one or two quilts for this event but this year…well surgery, Silver Thimble business stuff etc. I only managed to crank out two, not to mention the fact that I needed to get these done…before MARKET. Oh why did I wait so long…. Well here is where the story gets SUPER UGLY.

I am NOT…no NOT a machine quilter, and I’m NOT KIDDING. I took a class about 20 years ago (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and I was told to practice my skills. I decided to practice on Sunday, as in 3 days ago! Big mistake…HUGE. I saddled up Betty (my bernina named for my mom..who couldn’t sew a thing and wouldn’t be caught dead sewing). Got my magic slider thingy out of the package, got my new hoop thingy that Kathy discovered in Paducah, put by grippy gloves on.. (do you see the first problem…I HAVE ALL THE TOYS!). The two quilts were spray basted with 505 and safety pinned.. People I’m telling you I was ready! Dropped those feed dogs, put the darning foot on. Oh! I remembered my friend Peggy who teaches machine quilting classes saying you should have a glass of wine before and while attempting machine quilting. I don’t know I figured diet coke would work..it was only noon on Sunday after all! (I do have my standards I mean come on people).

I was in trouble within one NANO second of hitting the gas! I’m telling you I was swinging and jerking and sweating and stopping and starting and cussing and crying and screwing up a perfectly good quilt. There were places in the quilt where the stitches were 4″ long and other places where there were about 900 stitches to the inch…get the picture? Herky Jerky is an understatement. You have never see ANYTHING so awful. If I gave that quilt to a sick child….I would be so afraid.. That quilt is not worthy of even serving as a quilt for my dogs bed. Well maybe outside under a tree but who wants to scare the poor little birdies. If Sharon Schamber, Harriet Hargrave or any other experts in this field ever saw this…OH MY! And here is the really scary part. I am in the quilting business! Please don’t tell anyone! I fear for the survival of The Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

In the future I promise NEVER to attempt this again. Yes my feed dogs will remain in the upright position. The darning foot will be melted down and made into a letter opener. Any quilts charity or otherwise will be sent immediately to a long armer. As Elenor Burns says…” I will quilt with my credit cards!”

And now…it’s time for that wine…it is 10:53 on Wednesday…who cares!

PS. I did quilt the other quilt and it is passable…I used my walking foot with feed dogs UP.


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    Oh – poor Pat! I feel your pain! Maybe you are channeling my machine quilting experiences. 900 stitches per inch? Yep. 1 stitch per 4 inches? Yep. Same quilt? Yep. Comforted myself with the fact that it was for my 8 year old granddaughter who can find no flaws with anything I make for her (did I mention she is my favorite? :o)). I, too, have come to the conclusion that the safest way to get my tops quilted is to visit my favorite long arm quilter. Enjoy that wine!

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    I’m telling you, Pat, wine is the answer!!! It doesn’t matter what the clock says – it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

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    Your experience is why I made a rag quilt for the Just For You Project 🙂

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