Happy 09-09-09

Pop on over here to read Nancy’s post about today and some numerology. I’m thinking today will be an extra wonderful day. Busy for me..I’m sewing today with some friends. They are making a tote bag and I am joining them. NOW here is what is going through my brain (be afraid) !!!,
Do I need to do this
Don’t I need to stay home and work
Do I even carry these kinds of purses
Do I need another UFO…
What in the world am I thinking
.I played with my family all weekend and did not work should I play today??
My email is all screwed up and I’m not receiving email shouldn’t I stay home and talk to some support people in Calcutta to help me???
Silver Thimble Club is Friday and I have demos to prepare.
What about the magazine stuff.
How about the …opps it’s a secret..
.I made a salad for lunch I should stay home and eat it…they are probably having cookies and brownies
I’m their invited guest, I should not be rude and not attend.
This is my chance to relax and disrupt THEIR teaching, hahahaha, I could have some fun with this ONE!! OK YOU TALKED ME INTO IT…I’M GOIN!

New day New post. Maybe I’ll hit the PUBLISH button this time.

You would think I could have managed to get yesterdays blog post off the ground by simply hitting the publish button. Yesterday I was rattled to say the least. It was the email thing. I was on the phone to the support team for bellsouth for 3.5 hours AND I’m not kidding. I was talking to someone from Calcutta, I’m sure of it… All is fixed now, I’m no longer getting 1700 emails that have been deleted since 10-08 in my inbox. GRRRRR. If I have not responded to your comments and posts this has been the reason. I apologize and will come clean your house (but not your sewing rooms).

I managed to make to sew with the ladies yesterday. I was big fun. I got a good start on my tote and will post pictures upon completion. Don’t sit by the computer waiting it could be a UFO along with the other 100’s.

Here is Teresa, she was our leader yesterday. She hand quilted this lovely quilt. She is the sweetest person I love her so much. She enjoyed having me as her student yesterday. I’m pretty sure she will want to retire now. We had some good laughs yesterday and she was a good sport!

And here is B.J. doesn’t she look so peaceful sitting there sewing her label on her quilt? The label was needle turned basket and crow…Amazing. She considers herself a beginning quilter. ME THINKS NOT. Her work is lovely!

The is the front of Marilyn’s tote. Remember the photo I posted of her during the Summer Stitch In? She put the inside pocket upside down in her tote. Well you will be pleased to know she has fixed that problem and is the tote bag queen!!! When she was packing up I noticed that she had a full bolt of the fusible stuff we used on our bags. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said she was going to make some more totes. I think she has enough to make all the quilters in the Greater Atlanta area a tote. I’m expecting mine in the mail soon!!! I just love me some Marilyn!!!!

Aren’t quilters the BEST?

Think of these two posts as a double stack hamburger!


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    It’s a good thing that you listened to the voice of reason or else you wouldn’t have had such a lovely time :0)


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