Your heart often knows things before your mind does. -Polly Adler

Boy isn’t the above quote true of so many things in life! It is so true for me now, my heart knows I have to make a few changes and revamp the way I’ve been thinking lately but my head is holding me back.

I made the decision to sit this Quilt Market out and concentrate on some big projects. I know it was the right decision but right now I’m missing the excitement of Market opening. Apparently I’m in good company as many are not attending Fall Market this year. There are usually 26-28 aisles at market..this year there are 17. Dang that is a thunderbolt! Sign of the times me thinks! I still miss it.

I’ve been busy with teaching and new designs taking wonderful shape in my studio. I have three back to back classes tomorrow at Sweet Home Quilt Co. I’m really looking forward to each group of quilters. Beginners, Intermediate and Beginning machine applique’. I adore the way everyone is so excited to learn to quilt…opening those new supplies just like my first graders did during the first days of school. Nothing like a brand new box of crayons or a new rotary cutter and mat right?????

When I was sewing on Wednesday I was thinking about sewing organization. Do you begin a project by laying out your fabbies and deciding which fabric would look best with others. Do you label and stack your strips ever so neatly so as to match each one to another? Maybe you even label and put them in baggies. Do you spend time changing fabrics and buying fabrics so that they play nicely with the other fabrics…or do you buy a “line” and know that the fabric designer has already made those decision for you…then you can jump in there and decide which fabrics should lay next to the others…..

I’m like that tooo. See here is the proof !!!!!

Why is it that throwing strips up in the air and sewing them together as they land under the machine is so difficult???? Why is that so? Please answer my cry. You will help me find peace on earth if I can solve this mystery.

Lost in Strips Pat


  1. 1

    Thanks for sharing your insights on Quilt Market. I too am sadly sitting home, due to economic situations.

    I’ve also wondered about the desire to order fabrics vs throwing them up in the air. I guess it is that inside of most of us we have an internal sense of order?


  2. 2

    I can’t give you the answer to why it is so hard.
    I like to add fabrics to a line of fabric so they it isn’t so matchy matchy. Patterns are repeated in most lines of fabric. I like to add something that goes but not the same pattern. I also enjoy just picking up bolts of fabric and looking for others to go with it of any line of fabric.

  3. 3

    The reason you can’t toss them in the air is because it’s WRONG!!! All things in the world have it’s place and this goes double for fabric!! It is to be organized, petted, sometimes cut but never just tossed and sewn whilley nilley…*shudder*


  4. 4

    I know gals who claim they are sewing “willy-nilly” by just picking pieces and strips at random, but I find myself doubting them. Their work looks TOO “matched” for them to have done that!!! I have tried, though, to work a lot with my stash and then maybe supplement it with a couple of extra fabrics I buy, if needed. Interesting how BIG a difference there is in the number of aisles at market this fall as compared to the usual number. I agree….a sign of the times, for sure!

  5. 5

    My fabric has to be neat and ordered too! I think its the desire to organise fabric till its just perfect.:)

  6. 6

    I wish we had a quilt market.
    Hugs Janice

  7. 7

    Goodluck solving the mystery. I try but just can’t pick them up and sew them the way they land. I always try to make them “look perfect”.

  8. 8

    Love your post…made me smile. Yes, I organize my floss, and the fabric scaps as well. I lije to have every thing laid out and in place before I can design. Have a good week, blessings,Kathleen

  9. 9

    Everything okay? You’ve been quiet the past few days.

  10. 10

    Pat, you know me. It’s really scary to toss them in the air or pull them out of a bag!! I’d rather you make the decision of what fabrics go with what, have a quilt shop make up the kits, take a picture of your finished quilt, and then try to make it myself.

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