“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” -Einstein

Getting a big pot of vegetable soup in the crock pot and then it is off to the studio for a day of work! I’m also contemplating moving furniture in my studio around AGAIN. I need to open up the big table I use to draw and plan quilts. It is too boxed in. Hard to describe because I have a dream of a room but this work space needs some tweeking. Maybe I’ll wait until DD gets home for the Thanksgiving break and get her to help me..yeah thats it! I’ll have to reward her with some yummy cookies for helping me AGAIN… I’ll take pictures when I move everything around.

The camellias are in full BLOOM.Sure sign of Thanksgiving here in the South. This bush is bursting with blooms. These are blooming right outside my front door. It makes you smile when you are on the way OUT or IN.


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    Lovely blooms!! have fun in your studio!

  2. 2

    OOOOO…pretty blooms. Our camelias seem to bloom around end of February or sometime in March here, for the most part. (But I’ve seen some varieties that bloom in the summer, too.)

  3. 3

    Here in New England, there are virtually no flowers left. I looked out this morning and was taken aback. I thought there was snow on the ground but it was a really heavy frost! I am jealous of your flowers though I do like a white Christmas…

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    LOL We’re at a time when everything just looks dead, no colour and no cleaning snow. Love seeing the flowers, good luck with the studio!

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    Get thee to thy recipe file -I need a easy recipe for that soup. The kids loved the spagetti pie. I thought it was good too but I ended up eating it 4 nights in a row. Next time I will refreeze it. I am so kitchen challenged

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    Beautiful flowers! I love to see things that bloom in the winter.

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    Oooo I love camellias, I wish they grew here.


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