Well-Behaved Women Rarely make history. And if this is true-You and I are going to be LEGENDS!

– a birthday card from Melisa prior to our most excellent adventure.

Paducah….6 hours from Atlanta! I jump in the car with Melisa ready for a road trip! Check out Melisa’s blog for her great take on the trip too!.

Had to take something to occupy myself as we drove. I packed two rag quilts that needed to be snipped (mistake one and two). Two quilts that I needed to whip the binding down (mistake three and four) and some red work (mistake five…what was I thinking? I could NEVER GET all this done. I need a over packing intervention!). Then of course there is the clothing, make up, vitamins, hair products, body wash, camera, planner, calculator, maps, notebook, and a book to read just in case. INTERVENTION IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. I’m in deep trouble and we haven’t even pulled out of the drive way, we are only going to be gone for 36 hours. HOLEY BIG SUITCASES!

I got straight to my rag quilt clipping. I don’t usually make rag quilts. Now I know why. You have NEVER SEEN so much fuzz, lint, and threads! I looked like I have been battered, dipped and fried in the stuff. Melisa’s car, WHICH she had just had detailed, was a mess. I wrote my name in the lint on the dash board, it was simply awful. She took it gracefully but I’m sure she wanted to punch me in the nose! or worser….I think she really could have thrown me off Mounteagle as we drove over that stupid mountain (I hate that part of the drive).

We were not even out of the greater metropolitan Atlanta area and we were eating! OH WE APOLOGIZE! This was a sign we would both be wearing our trip on our behinds! IT WAS GREAT !!!!!

I revealed my obsession with mistletoe on the journey…I love to look through the trees and see the clumps of stuff growing in the trees. OK this is sounding completely nutty. Melisa offered to shoot some down, but we won’t get into that. As we were driving I said ‘OH look there is a bunch up there”…as we got closer...and I put on my glasses... Melisa says “You #$%^&*() those are buzzards sitting in the trees!!!!” I’m never gonna live that one down. HENCE THE NAME of this trip is BUZZARDS AND MISTLETOE… Pat and Melisa’s most excellent adventure! We laughed our heads off.

See mistletoe in trees!

See buzzards in trees…there is a similarity don’t cha think??? please say yes

We made some great plans and came up with some BIG FUN ideas for our trip April 21-24. We are going to take Paducah and the AQS show by STORM…I can’t wait. I’m sure you will hear me yaw yawin about the trip in future blogs. Right now I need to go pull the lint out of my washing machine.


  1. 1


    you must have a thing for Cheetos…my husband loves them too.

  2. 2

    Sorry, Pat…but we have mistletoe in trees around here AND we have buzzards and I’ve not yet mistaken one for the other!!! Can’t wait for more misadventure details!

  3. 3

    Lol… buzzards :o)

  4. 4

    I’m saying yes….but then I don’t have my glasses on LOL.


  5. 5

    Be careful with those buzzards.

  6. 6

    I am laughing my butt off. You are so funny. Love the story. Karmen

  7. 7

    So Pat: did you ever share how you eat cheetos without getting orange dust on your fingers? I’m wanting to know that tidbit so can enjoy cheetos again! Thanks Bonnie

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