Life loves to be taken by the lapel and be told:
“I am with you kid.Let’s go.”
-Maya Angelou

Reading vs Sewing such a problem. If I’m reading (at least during the day) I feel guilty cuz, well… duh sewing is my job! If I’m sewing I’m thinking about squeezing in some reading time…which also includes squeezing in blog reading time all 4 zillion of them on my Google Reader.

Some people are out there trying to solve huge problems in the world…me…I’m trying to figure out how to get more sewing and reading time in. Maybe I should put it this way. Quite possibly the people who are trying to solve the worlds problems should sew a little more or just read a dadgum good book and some dadgum great blogs. What do you think? Maybe there should be a reading and sewing summit. I’ll volunteer to head it up and we will play a side splitting game of Left, Right, Center you can count on it! POOF BEGONE…. NO MORE WORLD PROBLEMS.

Reading this book now. It is this months pick from Mary Carol in our book club. She always picks great books and has great snacks. We were pregnant together with two of our children. You know what I mean..right? Our husbands play golf together. We have known each other a long time and raised our kids together too. I better go read this book don’t want to make her mad at me.

I get to choose the book in two months so I’m going to pick this one but I’ll read it first…I don’t want any of those book club people on my back…I have standards ya know.

As long as I am rambling about reading (on a mostly quilting blog) I have a question. Is reading a hobby similar to quilting which is a hobby (for some people for others it is a job)?? I don’t think of reading as a hobby…it is part of life…just as easy as breathing or just something you do… something really natural like that. I’m really rambling here…I think I’ll go read, or sew, now I can’t decide. Sorry to bore you with my reading vs sewing diatribe.


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    I agree that reading is a way of life, not a hobby. I read books with my ears. I download them from the library and read all the time that I am working on my longarm. On a good week, I can “read” 3-4 books.

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    Reading and quilting are life, making beds and doing dishes is a hobby.

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    I am in that situation too. feeling guilty even though doing what is life (as Sam say).

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    Audiobooks baby….quilt & read at the same time. will hook you up to your library and books are free! You can listen from the computer or transfer to an MP3 or IPod. Huge increase in the sewing production.

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    Don’t apologize for your reading diatribe. I love seeing your book recommendations. Let us know how Sarah’s Key is.

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    I think the majority of us are just like you, I want to sew but want to read….

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    Audio books are the BEST!! LOVE them!!

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    I just can’t get into audio books…but still keep trying. It’s amazing to me how many quilters are also voracious readers! Oh, yes…..when you organize the world blog-reading summit, can I be your assistant???

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    I guess it’s how you look at it. Reading is such a wonderful thing………it takes us away to other places……other people…….it gives us knowlege…….and so on. I am always busy designing and embroidering,(some think my work is crafting…I dislike this word… me, it’s my work) however, I have the most wonderful front porch to sit out and to read……even when it’s cold. I have collected Danielle Steel books for years……found her when I was expecting my first child. When the children started coming, I kept collecting the books, but never had time to read them………was reading Mother Goose instead. Now my nest is just about empty and I find a time in the day to squeeze in at least a chapter. So enjoy your reading! Have a wonderful weekend, blessings,Kathleen

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    As always, love hearing what you are reading. Sarah’s Key is on my IPOD. Just went to the library and ordered The Whistling Season, thank you. Have you read The Pact yet? I know it is one of Jodi Picoult’s first books, but one I just had not gotten around to reading. It is on my IPOD and I am not able to get any studying done this weekend as all I want to do is listen!!! Am reading Time of My Life. It is a time travel book. Not as good at the Time Traveler’s Wife. Ok, hugs to you and all….

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    I have the same conflict/joy. Reading is just who I am. I’ve heard Sarah’s Key is a great read. I’m waiting on it from the library.

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    Hi Pat, I have a friend that cooks like we sew and she loves to read. She ended up getting the audio books and says she loves it. I need to try it in the sewing room.
    Keep Stitchen’

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    Don’t you have to READ the directions to be able to SEW? I’m trying to catch up on both of these pleasures, too.

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