Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

-Abraham Lincoln

Play date with Melisa! We had our third play/sewing date to make a special goodie for the 49 Paducah bound ladies. The first play date was filled with excitement over our creation. The second play date was like a sweat shop…working sewing cutting ironing with the realization that our creation was a tad bit time consuming! I fixed lunch and we laughed and sewed. Third play date was a lot of fun but we were both at the end of the rope and wondering if it was ever going to end. I told Melisa “It’s time to make the donuts” and we forged on. We kept saying “These things are so stinkin cute” which gave us the strength to stay on task. But then it turned ugly……..

Me..”what if they don’t like them”

Melisa “tough!”
Me “we will trow them off the bus if anyone says anything bad about them”
Melisa “yeah we will dump them at the first rest stop”
Me “My Bernina is tired”
Melisa “shut up and sew” (she is so bossy)
Me: “Do you wish you were at the shop instead of here?”
Melisa “yes”
Me: “Well I do too!”
Me: “how many more hours till you go home, I’ve spent enough time with you”
Melisa: “thanks buddy”
Me: “shut up and sew”(I can do bossy)
Me: “What time is it?”
Me: “Drill Sargent always on military time”
Me: “I wonder how much these things are worth”
Melisa: “Nothing they are probably going to trow them away after the trip”
Me: HYPERVENTILATING….“call the paramedics”

10,00 Hours later we are almost at the end of this project. Finishing touches and then it is on to the final preparations for “Sweet Thimbles Bus Tour Paducah 2010!”

I uploaded a photo with a tiny bit of our project showing, then I deleted it cuz Melisa could snap and get violent with me she is like that ….I’m the sweet one :)…I’ll post a photo later but for now it must remain a gum it!


  1. 1

    Hi Pat,
    This is too funny. I know the feeling of the assembly line craziness. I make something for the 40 or so ladies that come to my annual Christmas party. I usually wait to the last minute which is more stress. I can’t wait to see all your hard work!!

  2. 2

    How fun….well…sounds like it anyways…makind something fun for all of the ladies….have a wonderful time!!

  3. 3

    Well…golly…aren’t you even going to email me and tell me what you made? You KNOW I’m dying of curiosity here!!! LOL

  4. 4

    Love your conversations with your BFF Melisa :-).

  5. 5

    …not even a peek for us all the way overseas??????
    Sounds like the 2 of you had a ball!!!!
    Can’t wait to see what you were working on!

  6. 6

    Yep all you hard work will go for naught and they will all hate whatever it is you are making and toss them when they get home or give them to their dogs to chew on but think of the quality time you are spending with Melisa ROFL.


    PS Just kidding you know, anything you two make will be cherished!!

  7. 7

    Gee thanks, Buddy! Now you’ve got everyone thinking I’m Quiltzilla!!! At least those who know both of us, know what a bunch of bunk that is!!! I’M THE SWEET ONE AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!

  8. 8

    LOVE your conversations!! Can’t wait to see the pics!!

  9. 9

    Like Lucy and Ethel, that’s you and Melisa 🙂 You have sparked my curiosity. I want to see what yall were making!

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