Tomato Planting in Atlanta

It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
-Somerset Maugham

I love gardens, I love flowers, I love fabulous landscaping, I love home grown veggies. That being said I am no gardener. I think I posted last spring that the plants at the nursery shrink and gasp at the thought that I may pick them up and put their little pots in my wagon. They have a 50/50 shot at life. The problem is…I loose interest when the temperatures approach boiling hot outside with humidity through the roof (or sky). They don’t call it HOT LANTA for nuthin. Who remembers my stinking hot blog post last June? And if you think it is stinkin hot in Atlanta in June…well don’t even plan to come near this place in July and August.

That being said, I decided that we would plant some tomato plants..6 to be exact. I put the precious baby tomato plants on the back porch because the nursery guy told me…don’t put those in the ground until after tax day…ok. Well, Sophie decided she would sling the little pots around the back yard. I think she figured they were going to die a slow and painful death anyway so she would just push things along a bit.

The plants survived (one is a little questionable) and Sir Quilt Dude and I set out to plant in the back pasture (we live on a low maintenance lot) believe me the yard she ain’t so big, just big enough for 6 tomato plants. My mouth is just waterin thinking about my first tomato sandwich. Or some good ol’ fried green tomatos…yum yum. We are sure to have a bumper crop!!! Sir Quilt Dude dug a trench and I came out of my sewing room long enough to place the little babies 24″ apart! We added Natures Helper and a bag on Cow poop or sumthin they told me I had to have. Mixed it with the stupid harder than rock Georgia red clay…and he stuck the babies in the ground. OK so it was 3 days before tax day..don’t tell my friends at the nursery. I thought I would get a jump on the rest of the farmers. I told Sir Quilt Dude to water the babies IN (that is farmer talk for give um a big drink) and I went back to my sewing room (I had been out there long enough). So at 11 pm when we were getting ready to call it a day I said “You did give the maters a hefty shot with the hose didn’t you?” “No” he said…At this I stormed out to the pasture and got the blasted hose IN THE DARK and watered and watered. Holey Moley I need to give them one good day before they die right????

I’m checking my emails I’m sure the Hunt’s people are going to want to can my maters!


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    I just planted 4 tomato plants this week too. When I saw the price of Tomatoes at the grocery store, I was in sticker shock! So I figured even if we got one tomato per plant, they paid for themselves. Hope yours do well. I am going to try Miracle Grow on ours to see if it will help them along 🙂

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    I just love home-grown tomatoes…….but I”m not the greatest at this garden stuff, either. (Do you think it has something to do with the name PAT?? LOL)

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    I am athinking about one of those topsy turvy things…but right now just in the contemplating state!

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    I don’t care for tomatoes but my husband does…and in American Samoa, they freeze the and then we get them…so nasty, mushy…..not nice to cut….good luck with your crop.

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    Ummmm I think Hunts people expect folks to water the tomato plants so that they aren’t all sun dried….though I really like sun dried tomatoes LOL.


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    We are behind, need to get ours planted sometime this week.

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    Just think, Pat, in only 72 more days (these days really fly by)you’ll be making us pizza with YOUR OWN homegrown tomatoes as a topping. Can’t wait!!

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    We don’t live where it is hot but we are planing tomatoes tomorrow. I love to see the plants grow and we love to harvest the tomatoes and share with my staff. I love your blog and I am an educator also.

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    I have never planted tomatoes, but they sound like a challenge!

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