The Winner!

And the WINNER is….. Pat

NUMBER 39…LEIANN. Congratuations email me and we will send you dah goodies.
Oh BTW is there a dad gum secret to getting the Number Generator thingy to appear on this blog. I keep getting messages saying the file is corrupt! Imagine that…I’ve been corrupted! And I didn’t even have fun at it!

I need some coffee.


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    Good morning! I don’t know how to do that either. I’m on my third cup of coffee. Ready to head to school and finish that blasted report. Two days left!

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    hahaha!! Corrupt….you?? No way!!
    Have another cup of coffee…

    Congrats to the winner!

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    I can’t beleive Leiann won! I was sitting across from her when she opened her email and screamed!! I thought something under her desk had grabbed her and took a hold of her! I am so jealous!I want to win something too! Have a cup of java and enjoy your day!

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    I was confused…look on your blog… says “And the winner is…..Pat”….so I was excited…but then I read the next line and saw the winner was #39, Leiann, so I had to stop being excited as I wrapped my head around the fact that the PAT in the first line was YOU and not ME!!! *sigh* So…congrats to Leiann. I have never been able to get the # generator thingee to appear on my blog, either…but I know some have been able to do it. Maybe blogger doesn’t do that for blog owners named Pat??? LOL

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    Oh Pat, I have missed your blogging so much! I’ve been on the road for what seems like months but not really. So I love you Paducah Pouches… I could really have used it up at the MQX show or my guild show. So I’ll be haunting your web site for a while. (Is it there already? I haven’t checked.) Your bus trip sounded fabulous. And, napkins? I can loan you some if you run out. And, while that iron is hot would you do mine too? LOL. I am so with you on that one sister. And, I think you are absolutely right — kids now a days go for much simpler life style. How did they get so smart? Good to have time to read what’s been happenin’ in your life for the last xclkjsdlfj months. Bonnie

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