Happy Fathers Day

The love of a father cannot be measured only treasured.

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads in our lives…Sir Quilt Dude is enjoying his children all adults now and he is really taking pleasure in that!! Emily educated and happily married to Russ beginning their marriage and planning their future! One more semester of college and Mary Beth will have the degree he hoped for, worked and saved for, he wished for her to find a profession could could love and she HAS!! Sir Quilt Dude has been the steady rock and the model of what a father should be…..our family is blessed beyond measure because of him.

Remembering my dad today. What a man, part of the Greatest Generation of men, (Tom Brokaw got that right!) I wish he was here today. I guarantee you he would have some thoughts on world events that would be worthwhile hearing. He was a man who lived and worked at the highest levels of the military he served several Presidents and his country with pride…I would give all I have to spend one more day with him. I miss him so much…soo sooo very much everyday.


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    What a very nice post about your husband AND your father!!!

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    What a great tribute to your Andy and Dad! Even though my Dad is still living, with his dementia he is no longer the man he was. It’s a loss. Hope you’ve had a fabulous visit with your girls! Thoroughly enjoyed Thimbles this weekend! Loved being with our quilting friends!

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