I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet,simple things of life which are the real ones after all. 
-Laure Ingalls Wilder
More quilty goodness for you to enjoy.

Sandra whipped this quilt out in no time, and it was ginormous. Night and Day pattern by E.Burns. FANTASTIC!

 OK check out these 3 pictures. The quilt (not such a great photo but I’m tellin you people these quilts go up and down so fast with 3 bazillion people whooping and singing “Celebrate”..oh forget it you will have to come to a Stitch In to understand.) Anyway, first photo the quilt. Second photo the closed up windows. Third photo PEEK A BOO the cutest “I spy” quilt you ever saw. Made by Carla. Grandbaby is still baking in mommy’s tummy. So here is the problem. I am now jealous of the quilt and even more jealous that Carla is going to be a GRANDMOTHER….I gotta get a grip.


Sarah and her paper pieced stars. Sarah finished about 40 projects during the Stitch IN. More on her later. Oh BTW in case you wondered..we had Pajama, Patchwork and Pizza day…we all worn our jammies (and prayed we did not get stopped by the police on the way home)

Julie made and quilted this little Shnibble..people were Schnibbling all over the place. Carrie will be so proud. 

Tricia finished this quilt “General Lee” and it is King sized! She wouldn’t give it to me. She is my SIL. Took one day off from work. I almost stole her Blackberry and flushed it in the toilet…she needs to relax and get unconnected from her office. I’m just saying

Spent the afternoon in the sewing room pressing and “cleaning up” some blocks I worked on during the Stitch IN.  They are perfect now and I am a very happy camper.


  1. 1

    I especially LOVE that peek-a-boo I Spy quilt!!! What a terrific idea!!!

  2. 2

    I too love the peek-a-boo quilt. No way would I sew in my jammies, I’m one of those that can’t stand being in my jammies for more than 10 minutes after I get up :0)


  3. 3

    That first quilt is beautiful! I did a search for the pattern but couldn’t find it. I found a Day & Night by E. Burns but it’s a different quilt! :0(

  4. 4

    even though I was there a short time. It was great. Thanks for everything.

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