Summer Stitch In

True friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes.

If I could bottle the amount of joy that is going on in this room I would win the Nobel prize for happiness and joy. It cannot be put into words. The quilts are amazing. The stories are funny and heartwarming. Friendships abound. No lack of food people..I’m telling you. Here are some photos for you to enjoy. I must run so much to do and not enough hours in the day.

Sarah’s stunning quilt made with the new “Twister” ruler…my skirt blew up with this one.

Red Black and White..perfect.

Kristie’s table runner. Really sophisticated and nice! Hope nobody slops spaghetti on it.

Susan made eight of these lovely place mats. Really nice!

Mercedine..with the bow awesome.

Suzanne with a D9P…using some Kaffe fabbies. Loved it!

Debbie spent a few hours with us and showed us a darling Table runner she whipped out. She will be a teaching the whole quilt soon.!

Julie’s Bloomin 9 Patch. WOW . And she is giving it away. Don’t cha just wish she was giving it to you?

Laura took an applique’ class at Little Quilts. Then she made this. So terrific. And she used invisible thread. It looked great!

Elaine made this unbelievable quilt. Tiny blocks. She is a hand quilter too. 
I know she will finish it beautifully.

Wait till I tell you about the hot dogs! 


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    Miss you all, and wish I was THERE instead of HERE. HERE being Gwinnett Medical with hubby in renal failure. Probably mostly reversible, but dicovered genetic flaw called polycystic kidney disease. Tell Mercidene and Suzanne I am gonna steal their quilts. Love you all, Karmen

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    Such lovely quilts. Glad you all are having fun. Winona

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    So WHEN will you tell us about the hot dogs? (Notice that I zeroed in on food here!!!) Love the quilts and I’m not surprised at the talent and the fun you are having!

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    I want to thank Pat for making our stitch in the most fun week ever. The room is always full of creativity and inspiration, but this year was exceptional. No one but Pat could make it so special for all of, prizes, food, teaching, laughs, food, food and talent!!! Thanks, Pat…we all treasure your frindship! Suzanne G.

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