Teaching and College Move IN

The more you give away, the more you have.
-author unknown

I have been teaching classes with the wonderful people at A Scarlet Thread on Friday and Saturday. The shop is moving from a fabulous HUGE space to another more fabulous and more huger space..I’m pretty sure the shop will have its own ZIP CODE. It is going to be about 40 bazillion square feet. SHEESH. Fabric, quilts, machines and wonderfulness abound. and I hope they have a good moving company!!!! This move sounds like it will occur sometime in the fall..or sumthin like that. I can’t wait.

We are leaving in a few hours to go help DD #2 move into her apartment for her final I SAID FINAL..semester of college. I’m so happy to do this because it is AFRICA HOT outside and we are going to Statesboro which is SOUTH and resembles the surface of the sun right now. Its a swell college town. Chances are real good I’ll end up in Wal Mart purchasing some cord for a computer or a memory foam  or a shower curtain. That will make this little trip extra fun. WAL MART (just shoot me now please) 

I wanted to show you this photo which I “borrowed” from AST’s blog..this is Deanna and her fabulous “Professional Tote”. This photo really isn’t doin the bag justice. This bag looked sooooo good. It looked like a piece of luggage. I’m not kidding and I would never lie to you or embellish… Made from “Tapestry” type fabric..lined, zippers, pockets and all kinds of stuff. I was so dang impressed. I tried to get her to give it to me but that didn’t work out well. 

Something is up with the memory card in my camera…or operator error…or maybe an excuse to buy a new camera. I can’t have this blog without great pictures right???? I’ll get back to you on that. I’ll play with it while in the car on my way to college…sweating.


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    I have to laugh at your comment about Walmart since the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes area of Delaware (where we live) has many outlet stores (which mostly sell “designer-name” stuff) AND K-Mart and Walmart. If you need things that are not sold in a designer-type outlet store (like the things you mentioned), one MUST go to Walmart or K-mart OR drive 40 miles to find something like a Target or Best Buy. It’s one of the sacrifices we make for beach-area living, but…..we have grown accustomed to it and don’t mind and have found that there are actually some very good buys in these two local “box stores”!!! Enjoy your sweaty day moving your daughter into her apartment!!! 🙂

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    Buy a new camera at Wal-Mart, duh!!! Doing the college move-in on Thursday in Tallahassee. Still enjoying your blogggggg!! You Rock!

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    buy a new memory card at wal mart and THEN see….

    wal mart has a/c which beats the on the street moving…..

    I am DONE with the college move in’s and the best part is there is more $$ for resource center (stash).

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    Hope the move goes well. Target and Walmart get lots of business this time of year 🙂 My youngest is starting college in two weeks but he is commuting, so we don’t have the move thing………yet!

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    You are just one busy gal….

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    I used to go to Target and Walmart alot. Now in Ireland, I go mostly to Penneys and M&S.

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    Mary Beth will just soar this semester! College expenses – oh yea! I have to go to Michael’s apartment tomorrow. Better bring the money:)

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