Project Thimble

The way I see it if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain.
-Dolly Pardon

Project Thimble…writing a book…getting ready for market with book and market deadlines falling at the same time. Pacing myself..staying organized, focused, determined and enjoying the “process”. Ok no problem! Computer problems disaster. No problem! I am woman I am strong. I have cheetos, twizzlers and diet coke in the sewing room.

When I started the design and sewing work on the book it was wonderful that I happened to be going to Paducah. I went with a mission. I was going to buy fabric. I was going to take no hosatages. I called my credit card company and told them I was coming and I didn’t want any nonsense from them, it was a platinum card and I intended to use it. Within 7 minutes of arriving in Paducah we were in Hancocks of Paducah. I left two hours later with $500 bucks worth of fabbies. It was just the BEGINNING. This fabric buying frenzy went on for three days.

My thoughts about buying fabric have changed over the past couple of years. I have always subscribed to the theory that why should one buy a fat quarter when you can buy three yards? If you like a fabric then a 1/4 yard makes no sense. Right? We won’t even go there with the idea of precuts. In short when I buy fabric the smallest amount I buy is a yard. This kinda works because you can do a lot with a yard. It does force you to add an extra wing onto your house to store the fabric.Reinforcing the floors so your fabric room/closet does not fall from the second story of your house into the floor below isn’t a bad idea either. While you are at it put a lock on the closet, evidence of your insanity/addiction might me admissable in a court of law. Don’t let any spouse near that closet!

I bought around 200 yards of fabric in takes a lot of fabric to make all these projects.Are you still there…breathe stand up take a walk and come back to my story…get some coffee and oxygen. 200 yards of fabric isn’t that much.

Here is the big shocker! As the weeks flew by I was sewing, coming up with so many ideas I wanted to include in the book and or market. My brain was in overdrive…I love this process!! I came downstairs one evening Sir Quilt Dude asked how it was going. I said that on a couple of quilts I had run out of fabric and I was going to find some of it on line. Silence, by that time the Visa bill had arrived and been paid. It was a whopper too.

I was somewhere finishing up project 6 or 26 and after several internet shopping experiences…the LIGHT DAWNED! I had a sewing revelation, a big moment. I had wasted my money. Bought too much fabric (ya think!). Stock piling fabric is not a good thing for me. What I need to do is work on the designs and then go find the fabric that works for that particular design with the approximate calculations for each project in mind. While I have used much of what I bought I still have much I have not touched. Maybe those nice folks at Martingale will let me right another book!

Having a large stash is an interesting thing don’t you think?


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    I’m so sorry about all your computer problems. At least you still have your sewing and twizzlers. Having a large stash is a good thing. You never know when you’ll have to move where there are NO quilt stores in a small town in upper east TN and have to use just your stash. Of course, there is Tennessee Quilts all the way over in Jonesborough, TN. 22 miles is a long way away up there.

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    Wouldn’t it be lovely if all of your blogging buddies could magically visit each other’s stashes and go “shopping’ in them? When I am Queen of the World, I will make it so.

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    I have changed my attitude about buying too. While I have enjoyed supporting our local quilt shops with my fabric lust, I realize I was shopping when I could have been sewing. Now that my home is stuffed with raw materials, my focus has changed to sewing, etc. I think of it as cloth preservation. Karmen

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    I now try to buy with particular projects in mind. Maybe you will need to have a fabric “sale” for your guild friends!!! LOL

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    I was thrown overboard when we were moving to our new house and the tubs of fabric were submerging. Oh no, I can’t possibly have THAT much fabric!!! Oh my, is there another tub in the youngest closet?? Oh, it’s two tubs, make that three………. sheeesh, where in the world did all of this come from. And guess what? My FAVORITE quilt shop is having a sale the WHOLE month of September. $4.99 a yard for any of the red slashed fabric. I did this sale last year. Yes I remember, because it was ALL first quality fabric that I LOVE!! They say they are making room for the new stuff coming in. Wanna come??

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    You are so right, alot of fabric is just sitting there…and I try to tell myself to buy for only a certain project but…I use the excuse of being out in the South Pacific and not having the right fabrics as an excuse to buy anything.

  7. 7

    Oh my, oh my …
    The “price” of being famous, ya think? eh!?
    My knees went weak just reading your post.

  8. 8

    I dream of a large stash! Can’t wait to see your book.

  9. 9

    Hi Pat,
    You have been nominated for the Sunshine Award. Visit my blog for the details.

    Take care!

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    Be careful what you wish for! No telling how you would decorate your sewing room:)

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    You can NEVER have too much stash-some day you will once again be sewing in color and then tada….you will be a happy camper. I will miss being with you for Thimbles but Moda Man and I will be misbehaving out at FaFaland. Hope they are all prepared for ModaMan. Fat Quarter is going too!

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    I have always worked to your more recent method. Design the quilt then go shopping! That’s largely cos I don’t have much storage space. I do have a small stash that’s always there for emergencies, but that’s all.

  13. 13

    Pat you always make me laugh. I’m glad you figured out the secret formula so that the next time you write a book you’ll have some money left! 🙂 j/k

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    I like to have stash. Buying for a project wouldn’t work for me because I like a minimum of 20 fabrics in a quilt and usually closer to 50 fabrics. What is available any one day in a quilt shop wouldn’t be as interesting as shopping in my stash.

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    I also changed my attitude about buying so much fabric…I manicured about 120 yards from my stash making charity pillowcases…and did not make a dent!

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    A large stash is soooo much fun and adding more to it is even more funner. I just figure that I will use mine when I’m too old to drive to town anymore…..oh wait, the mail man can bring me more…..:0)


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