September Thimbles Club

Life is a great big canvas; Throw all the paint on it you can.
-Danny Kaye

If I could get sound to this photo you would need to go to the ENT doc to have your eardrums replaced. Wonderfulness combined with people…a lot of people….many people having fun was going on all last weekend. 

Sewing away. Look nobody is looking at each other just sewing sewing sewing. I could run through the room neckid no one would blink an eye…or pass out…or hurl.

Tacoa she is one bundle of talent I’m telling you. I can’t wait to see what she brings next month.

This is Groovy Girl Sarah with her Groovy Girl bags she made at Melisa’s Groovy Girl Club. I wish I was groovy.

Karmen and one of her very famous quilt industry trail blazer moms quilts! I have admired her mothers patterns and fabric for 10,000 years and now I treasure her daughters friendship. Wow can you imagine learning quilting from Linda Brannock?

Check out the label.sigh!

Complete JOY on the face of Beth. She is a long armer and finally found some time to do a piece JUST FOR HER.  Great Quilt too! Hey Beth can you find me some of that time??  

These are little blocks made by Julie all lined up in their little notebook sleeves. She is making a Farmers Wife quilt from batiks and it is sooper dooper..tiny blocks…many many tiny blocks. I think there are about 40,000 of the them.

This adorable quilt was made using the Twister ruler. When the group asked Vickie how many more blocks she was going to make she said ” None, this IS the whole quilt!” hahahaha placemat..table flop is what I call them!

Ok I started writing this blog post at 7 is now 8:37 pm. I have been adding bits and pieces to this post all day when I take a break from pattern writing. My fannie is glued to this chair and now I need some sleep and I want to watch Project Runway.. Later friends


  1. 1

    wonderful eye candy

  2. 2

    Great pictures!

  3. 3

    Let me ask a question…when you go to that group, do YOU ever sew..or do you just run around bugging people to pose for your camera?? LOL

  4. 4

    I love it when you share photos…

  5. 5

    Maybe you can get Mondo to come to your next Thimbleberries meeting??

  6. 6

    HOORAY!!!! Pat is posting photos again!!!! Loved all the eye candy :0)


  7. 7

    running nekkid–is that with or without tan lines?? Do you wear makeup for this? Flip flops, heels, or tennies? There MUST be guidelines for this. (And who will man the camera if you’re doing the running??)

  8. 8

    Ahhh, so much fun!

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