Snow Jam XI

Dopeler Effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly

Ok so you know by now that Atlanta has been a winter wonderland…but really it has been a ICE RINK. Everything has been shut down and roads are beyond treacherous. 

I have been home designing and working on the sewing room. Things are looking up at the headquarters of the Silver Thimble Quilt Co. I may have been spending a little too much time up there moving stuff around because Sir Quilt Dude walked into the sewing room as I was wrist deep in Mod Podge (love that stuff!). I was sticking yellow polka dot fabric on a trash can. If you could have seen the look on his face. All he said was “Why?” his question shall go unanswered. I think I’m going to mod podge a table this afternoon. That will teach him to ask silly questions.
It really is pretty don’t you think? Those are NOT my foot prints. I shall not grace the driveway until spring! or next week when it is all gone. and yes we Southerners tend to take photos of our houses when it snows…send your comments to Scarlett and Rhett please.

Sophie “You want me to go out there and do my business? You are NOT SERIOUS” “Like my sweater?”she won’t go in the snow she pops a squat right on the brick walkway….. sheesh

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos of the plastic mountain in the bedroom. It is a hoot!


  1. 1

    We’ve got the lovely (not) white stuff here to – but we are used to it in Illinois! Your home is beautiful! Stay safe in all that ice!

  2. 2

    LOL! Love the comment about taking pix of our houses in the snow! We have the requisite photo from every snow since we moved here over 20 years ago!!!

  3. 3

    We finally got a little snow last night – about 4 or 5″, not enough to close down a thing. Darn it!

    Your house is lovely – I really like your garage doors!

    My little dogs (Sophie and Gracie) love going out in the white stuff. They come back in with ice balls stuck all over them. It’s a mess!

    Can’t wait to see all your mod podge projects!

  4. 4

    Sophie is right. ARE YOU KIDDING! This Southern Girl would not be out in it 😉 But I ahve to admit, it is pretty to look at. Save it for your Christmas card next year.

  5. 5

    poor Sophie. Dog #2 has resorted to lifting his leg on one of the back deck posts 🙁 luckily no squatting has happened on the deck 🙂

    and AL is an ice rink too

  6. 6

    You will be happy to know that historically people in the South took photos of their houses in the snow too! You would be amazed at the number that we’ve seen at work. I’m having a blast here at home. Hugs!

  7. 7

    We just got our storage of 3 years and in there was this ugly gray trash can and my thoughts were mod pod it… I know why….he just doesn’t…HA!!

  8. 8

    I just keeping asking what state I’m in as there should NOT be snow, ice or cold weather here. In exchange for this pact with Mother Nature we endure August.
    Kippie was pleased with the snow but lost all joy when the ice covered it. She’s learned to piddle in the street and I keep shoveling green patches as that’s what she insists on to do her duty. We’ve taken short walks each day and it’s getting better!

  9. 9

    Yep, it’s a winter wonderland here. Might as well say ICE JAM XI.
    Looking forward to Thimbles next week, we can all share our snow stories, LOL

  10. 10

    can I politely chuckle at your snow? Ruby the quilting dog tried to pee right outside the door on the deck–EEEEkkk–get off! We had a warm day today–+20F. Yup, still plenty of snow and we had several -15F or more temps.

    Did you Modpodge that table? I think the yellow polka dots were a great idea!

  11. 11

    May I assume you have given all of that “stuff” strict orders to melt and be GONE by February 3rd???

  12. 12

    Ha, you call that snow?? We have a 7 foot mound in the center of our circular driveway at the moment!

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