Special Fun with Friends

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over 
if you just sit there.  
– Will Rogers
After a wonderful time sewing in Blue Ridge, I zoomed off to a fabulous shower at the Swan Coach House in downtown Atlanta. First I want to show you a couple of photos of quilt tops that came into the finish line at Brenda’s cabin.(Brenda = I heart her)  
Kristie’s quilt made from the line Fandango. It was FANTABULOUS. So is Kristie. I love her! This quilt is an easy to construct quilt with a lot of visual appeal.

Becky’s quilt made from my pattern Friendship Crossing. OK, so I’m a proud designer. This quilt is one of my all time favorite designs. And Becky is my dear friend so the name of the quilt is very appropriate.

Holey Moley…just how much do I love this quilt?  NOTICE THIS…In the original design the stars along the outside edge of the body of the quilt were cut off.  Brenda  took the time to “finish” the design by adding a small inner border with the bottom portion of the star inserted into the inner border …  It makes a huge difference in the quilts appearance. TRY IT SOME TIME YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.

And here is my project. Blocks finished ready to be squared up and then I can put this project to bed. I’ve been working on this UFO very occasionally…… for 22 decades. 480 Flying Geese (paper pieced no less for extreme accuracy…which was a time consuming  MISTAKE. I can make accurate flying geese without paper piecing,it is just not that hard.  What was I thinking?).Oh well, I’m going to finish this thing and send it to Leisa to quilt. I do love the quilt it will be very happy in my Great Room.  
After I left the bliss of the mountains I had to pick up my dry cleaning and was off to the Swan Coach House for a Bridal Shower for Debbie’s future daughter in law. Lets begin by saying the linen dress I was planning on wearing was ruined by my dry cleaners. I considered burning the place down like Sherman did to Atlanta but…rebooted and moved on. (that dress was cute too!)
Let me tell you first about the Swan House. If you are ever in Atlanta and would love a wonderful lunch all lady like and stuff. I would love to meet you at the Swan Coach House. The food is wonderful and the ambiance is classically Southern Atlanta. It is a special place for me because my family has generations of traditions of bridal luncheons and showers which have been held here.(my daughters Bridesmaid luncheon was hosted here by my Sister In Law who had her luncheon here 36 years ago..and so did I, and so on..) Now it is an even more special place for me because I share this connection and tradition to this special place with a my dear friend Debbie! 
The bride Jacqueline in the middle. Debbie’s other DIL is to the left, Ally she is the new baby quilter!  See those Champagne Mimosas and the punch bowl in the background? I HAD SEVERAL yummo!

And here we were enjoying the lunch. We got to ask Jacqueline questions as she opened each of our gifts. I asked when she was going to make Debbie and her mother GRANDMOTHERS…(Do you really think I would ask her what her favorite color was? Heck no! I like to get to the good stuff. Debbie knew I would do it too!)

Look how precious Debbie is. I’m so proud to have a friend that can pull off great shoes like those! WOW! she looked fantastic, and she may be a Grandmother someday. (she better not beat me to the punch)
A perfect ending to a perfect sewing and sharing special life events with friends. (with and without bras on!) If you think I’m blessed to have all this in my life..you bet I am and I remember those blessings and celebrate them everyday of my life.


  1. 1

    Wow great quilts!! What a wonderful place to have girly celebrations. Up here in farm country I don’t think you can even buy shoes like that!! Just as well, you can’t pull it off in jeans or overalls LOL.

    Yep, you are truly blessed :0)


  2. 2

    Love the quilts and it looks like a great day with friends. I hear you on the dry cleaners – mine has ruined several of my outfits. GRRRR!

  3. 3

    Yes, a perfect ending…

    The quilts are just beautiful…

    Glad you enjoyed the shower, it looked like alot of fun.

  4. 4

    the quilts are great!
    I wish I had known about the Swan Coach House when I lived so close to Atlanta (in Athens). Sounds like a great place! But then, there are so many great places in Atlanta!

  5. 5

    Can’t believe that the cleaners ruined your dress. Hope you had time to get the car washed.

  6. 6

    This always makes my heart yearn to get together with others to stitch! Such lovely quilts!Blessings, Kathleen

  7. 7

    How do I get a copy of that friendship quilt pattern? It is GORGEOUS!!!!

  8. 8

    Quilts look fabulous! Finished! Done! Look at Deb in those sassy shoes. I can’t believe the cleaners ruined your dress:(

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