Success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. 
-Helen Keller

Here are some quilts that I thought you might enjoy from our last Thimbles class. I had left my memory card to my camera at home (sweet! another totally gifted move on my part) so I missed some photos. As usual the Thimbles group never disappoints with their accomplishments. Betcha wish you could be there in person. Well you can… on the third weekend of each and every month.

This is an amazing piece by Pat B. paper pieced and all that jazz! My jaw hit the floor when she whipped this baby out.

Here are a couple of close ups of Pat’s eagle. What I want to say about this is serious stuff…listen up! (please). Leisa quilted it and while her quilting is absolutely amazing it complements the artistry and sewing perfection that Pat did. I’m telling you one enhanced the other! Sewing and custom long arm quilting. I have had some things quilted in the past and they turned out so  that the longarm quilting overpowered my the piece work. I have such respect for the artistry and skill of a great long armer! I also love to see the artistry and skill of the quiltmaker be highlighted at all times. I wish my photos were better but then…I’m no artist with the camera so I let both Pat and Leisa down..sheesh.

Twister going on right there! If you haven’t tried this it is tons o’ fun!
Karin with a quilt for her granddaughter. This quilt looks like SHERBERT. It is one happy quilt.
Pat B again…sheesh she has been reeeely busy. Love this quilt..but then there is that eagle. Pat is standing on the left in case you see her in the grocery store tell her you like her quilts.

Guess who..It was Pat’s day for show and tell. Kitty Kats!

I may have shown you this one before but here is Sarah and her SELVAGE QUILT. Did you hear me? those are selvages..many many many. Guess where Sarah is RIGHT THIS MINUTE? CHINA probably buying silk (and ripping the selvages off of it.) Or walking on the Great Wall of China or sumthin like that.      

 Hope you all have a terrific weekend and will join me on Martingale Monday #4…there shall be quilts and prizes!


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    OMG! That is one awesome quilt Pat B did. Wonder where in the world she found that paper piecing pattern? Wonder how long it took her to paper piece it? I can’t imagine the hours it took her to just pick out the fabrics for the different areas to get the effect she wanted. I’m not into eagles, or things like that, but nevertheless, this quilt is stunning.

  2. 2

    Don’t you just HATE over-achievers like Pat B??? LOL Nah……I’m thinking she is just one special gal to do all that fine quilting. BUT…if you tell me she did all those in just one month since your last Thimbles gathering, then I WILL hate her!!!

  3. 3

    WOW….got some busy hands there! Loved your show and share!

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