Come Away With Me !!!

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill 
of creative effort. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

How about a retreat? Let me know if you would be interested in coming to a retreat in the North Georgia Mountains…Ellijay Georgia to be exact. I am hosting two weekend retreats. This first is full BUT...I just opened up a second retreat for February 2-5. We stay in luxury condos with fully equipped kitchens. Lunch, dinner and light snacks are provided (good food too!). Breakfast is on your own (in case you want to relax, drink coffee and enjoy the morning!OR in case you sewed until the wee hours and need some extra rest) If you would like to hear more about our little slice of HEAVEN. Just let me know and I will send you all the details. 

Yup that is the view alright!

Yup that is where we stay alright! I rent out the whole place sew we can be “Just Us”.

This is the funnest fun that ever was fun! Games, prizes and tons of surprises…An unforgettable experience!


  1. 1

    the wagon will be packed and Moda Man on board-can’t wait
    see you this weekend

  2. 2

    The folks who attend at this lovely place are really lucky! Enjoy your retreat!!! (Do you order Cheetos by the case for these events?? LOL)

  3. 3

    Pat – I’d love to try to talk my dh into this. Can you send me the details?

  4. 4

    Ooh, right in my neighborhood. Do send me details, although I think my Christmas present has been taken care of in the form of the trip I am about to take over the TDay holiday. We will see.

  5. 5

    Not far from me at all – can you post a link with more details as to what the plan is, how much is tuition, how to sign up ?

    I’d really like to come

  6. 6

    Ooohhh – looks wonderful! I am already booked for a retreat in February but would love to sneak in another. Please send details!

  7. 7

    I would like to have some details about the retreat sent to me. Thank you.

  8. 8

    I am interested, especially if it’s at that same $350 all-inclusive rate that your site indicates for the full one! Please send me details!

  9. 9

    I was JUST showing this place to a few friends! We all get together here at St Simons Island, GA and I was saying that I’d come up there way and found this gorgeous place online.
    I WANT TO COME!!!!~ PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO SIGN UP! 🙂 THanks! wwwhhhoooo hooooo!

  10. 10

    Knock, Knock.
    I’m back.
    Don’t forget me now. Sign me up! I’m coming!
    But, I need the info. SO EXCITED!

  11. 11

    SIGN ME UP! Karmen

  12. 12

    would love info on retreat!

  13. 13

    I’d love more details! Hubby is planning on going on a wilderness survival adventure with his brothers next year. I said “when do I get to go off for a week by myself?” Maybe he’ll settle for a weekend! 🙂

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