On the Road Again

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  ON THE ROAD AGAIN…JUST GOTTA GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN..sing with me please. Tap those toes cuz here we go! ON THE ROAD AGAIN deedahdeedahdeedahdee. OK I’ll stop. 

Traveling, retreats, workshops, guild talks/trunk shows and joyful family news. I have been zooming through January like I’m on fire and having a ball. From Georgia to Tennessee and now onto Florida. I have stories to tell so here we go. 

Last weekend was THIMBLES CLUB. I don’t need to repeat the wondermus time we all have when we get be together. (you have heard that before).  We met for the last time at our home at Highlands Presbyterian Church and now we are movin on to an even bigger facility with tons of options and open arms of the THIMBLES QUILT CLUB.  We will continue the luv fest and welcome new friends! There is tons of room for tons of quilting and fellowship. I’m so excited.  If you live in the Atlanta area we will be meeting at Saint John Neumann Church  on each and every third weekend of the month. Come play with us. If you are passing through Atlanta…stop by! 

Lets look at what this group showed up with this month. 

Suz and a quilt she said was out of the box for her to work with these colors. It was lovely.

Teresa and a busted small travel iron that she hot glued a pen or sumthin to the handle and fixed the darn thing. As for me, I probably would have jumped in the car and headed to JoAnn’s and bought a new one. I’m not smart like Teresa!
Pam and Elaine bought the Emily Jane kit, split it and each made a smaller version of the quilt. love love love.

OK so Shelia made this monkey and the quilt below…read on..
Shelia has a new GREAT GRANDBABY on the way…go back and look at Shelia..did you hear me I said Great grandbaby. Shelia had children when she was 6 years old. She is a testimony to living with a joyful spirit. Keeps you lookin young and gorgeous. Lucky baby.

Jane and her first row of the quilt in progress. Beach cottages. There was some discussion of the red windows. I think it involved a red light district on the beach..OH MY!!!!

Sarah and the pattern “Kitty’s Baskets” from my book..sniff sniff. She did it in batiks, hand needle turned every motif. It is so lovely. Thank you Sarah you did me proud girlfriend. (and yes you can make my neutral quilts with color! send me a picture please.)

And again, I have two more photos but I’ll stop here…
Mercidene with her fun quilting.

Suzanne C. with her gorgeous batik all sashed up and ready to go!

Lookie. This is Suzanne’s block of the month quilt that Debbie and I designed. Patchwork cottage offered this program in 2011. Suzanne was the first one I had seen with it all finished. WoWzer another hit. Good job Suzanne!

Holey Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt “Orca Bay” That is Karin the  fantastic quilt maker in front of it..Karin the Amazing! Look at that quilt will ya! There are no words for this beauty.

Gretchen and a bit of the Schnibles. I want to live in those houses. It was great to have Gretch back with us..we love her and missed her while she was not with us for a few months. She is back and now we can smile again!
Orca Bay needs one more look. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Pat and her black white and red goodness. Goodness me oh my.
I can’t remember who is behind this quilt. I think it is Shelia, or Julie, or Gretch..no maybe it is Suz, or Pat..OH WHO CARES IT IS A GREAT QUILT.

And here come the wagons all decked out for Valentines Day. Jane got a decorate me note from the principal to decorate hers. Similar to public humiliation..

She needs to tidy the thing up a bit too. More public humiliation. We don’t mess around. You have to be strong to be a quilter with a big group of women. 
Now we are talking..a Valentines basket and some red tinsel and hearts all around. Good job Karin.

Sarah with her kitty wrapped up in a heart blankie, shiney tinsel and that horn! Keepin that dollar store in business yes sirreee.

That is it from Thimbles this month but wait till you hear the surprise I got!!!


  1. 1

    What a way to leave us hanging!

    Lovely quilts. Looks like a great time. Looking forward to the start of the retreat tomorrow!

  2. 2

    Love looking at your group’s STUFF!!! Safe trip for you to FL and back.

  3. 3

    You guys are having WAY too much fun! Love the quilts!

  4. 4

    too much fun!!! *jealous* I love the decorated wagons, too! A very talented group!

  5. 5

    How cute. Those wagons you found are definitely fun.

  6. 6

    Beautiful quilts, as usual. I need to get crackin! I’ve only made one so far this year:) Love surprises!

  7. 7

    Lots of talent in your the club…be safe and have fun on the road!

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