Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.
-Victor Kiam
I have had the best day. The Earl de Schlep and I went to the church to check out the layout for Thimbles Club this weekend and that went very well!! Then I came home and put on my comfy sewing clothes. Debbie came by for a chat and some hangout time! I love it when she comes by. We have a secret project in the works yes we do! The rest of the time I worked on a baby quilt. No not for my Grandson to come for my daughters childhood best friend. They are both expecting. Ansley a girl baby on the way…Emily our sweet Grandson Jackson Neil! I just love to say his name out loud! Ansley’s quilt needs to get finished and off to Leisa. I’m pushing the envelope here on projects that have some serious deadlines. So what else is NEW!
As promised some recap photos of our Ellijay retreat. I wish you could see the smile on my face when I think about last weekend. Here are a few of the photos I took…and the obligatory comments.
Gretch and her spectaclar quilt..all civil war and stuff like that.
Pat B. I should have zoomed a little more on this quilt. It was a beauty. And a lot of workie! Pat is no slacker! I just love her name.

Teresa and one of her 75 quilts she finished at retreat. Look at that smile. She is so precious and so is her quilt.I think she is the funnest person, laughin all the time.
And we have the wagon round up! More on that later.

Mary Ellen came with half of her store and she also did some rug demo’s for the group. Bj is trying her hand with rug hooking. Step away from the rug hooking Bj…you have quilts to make.

And here we have the wagon train. I had myself a little Texas style wagon parade. I tried to get them to race. I shall not repeat what they said to me. Check out the view. This is what we looked at while we were sewing and laughing and eating.
More round up and then back to sewing.

And here we have Moda Man and his necklace of sewing charms.He is a very charming man.  He came for a visit and hogged my fabric and sewing space the whole time. More quilts and smiles to show tomorrow. I gotta go cook some salmon and then it is back to the sewing room. PS. It is Wednesday and I have blogged 3 times this week. It is a world record!!! did you notice?


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    yippee~~ I am your 400th follower~~ Love visiting your blog..The wagons circling the pool is too funny…Seriously, I dont officially quilt, but do dabble with the fabrics making my project pouches…I find inspiration in reviewing others work and find your blog very inspirational!

    We both work in the education field and have a creative outlet that is our passion…Workingn with fabrics!

    Congrats on becoming a grammy soon…come on over and visit me, your Carolina girl~~


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