Bestest Time!

As Carrie Underwood sings…”it started out this’ll be fun and turned into OH NO WHAT HAVE I DUN!”

My story is about a joyful day and three special quilts!. and complete exhaustion.

Enter two fabulous young women who grew up as best friends, married and are now expecting their first babies Ansley due first part of April, Emily due end of May! What could be more fun? Oh yes each one giving a shower to the other. Hostess for Ansley’s shower, Emily with me a silent helper (silent ME? well that is the first time you’ll ever hear that!). Hostesses for Emily’s shower, Ansley and Emily’s sister my darling daughter Mary Beth. ”  Let’s have a joint shower”…NO…not a great idea….OK ”  Let’s have one on Saturday and one on Sunday NO! ” Let’s just have BOTH IN THE SAME DAY, one in the AM one in the PM” Genius. We will use the same stuff and just have some  minor ”   set changes”  Ansley expecting baby girl, Emily expecting baby boy Jackson. 

Here is the behind the scenes story.. Cupcakes and Petit  Fours for another Chicken Salad and Quiche. Coffee, Punch and Tea Lemonade, Cake Pops and Candy bags. Then there was the washing dishes and silver flat wear between the two showers. One ended at 12 the other began at 2. I’m telling you we were flying and running in between. It was a three ring circus. Both showers were fabulous and special for each new mom. We laughed we cried and we celebrated the joy of new birth.


Here are some photos of our day! There were QUILTS, OF COURSE.

There they are Ansley and Emily. They were the duck and bunny in their first grade play.
Motorcycle diaper cake for my grandson
Beautiful diaper cake for Ansley’s little girl!

Cupcakes for one and petit fours for another..yummoo!
Table set ready for guests

Drinks already! I’m thirsty
Time for gifties for happy mommy and baby (that is the Grandmother Jan in the background, Jan wore a pink sweater for her grand daughter and a blue sweater in the am for Jackson! sooo clever)

Clothes line full of goodies from Aunt Susie!
Time for Quilts..a special quilt for Jackson from his GREAT AUNT TRICIA. Isn’t this the most creative idea. A small quilt to play on, cuddle with..and take on the go!

Oh BOY…a new quilt! For my baby grandson. Look at his beautiful mommy!

And another one! For Ansley’s sweet baby girl.
These two babies will have terrific parents and be wrapped in quilty love too!
Ok Winnie the Pooh and I are drivin the diaper mobile outta here and heading to the sewing room, there is more quilting and baby fun ahead. Thanks for sharing our JOY!


  1. 1

    Love the diaper mobile!! That is just too cute.

  2. 2

    I have given double showers (we had 6 babies due within 3 months of each at church) but never two in one day. You must be exhausted! Sounds like fun though!

  3. 3

    How fun!!!!! The decorations, quilts…everything was fabulous!

  4. 4

    Looks like a fun time. Beautiful decorations… beautiful quilts… beautiful mommies-to-be!

  5. 5

    What lovely items & food
    We don’t do Baby or wedding showers here in the UK we just give a gift when the person has a baby or gets married
    do like the idea
    Hugs Janice

  6. 6

    Looks like you all had a blast! Karmen

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