April Thimbles Meeting

Creativity is intelligence having FUN! – Albert Einstein

I’ve been flat on my back since Saturday..I pulled a muscle or something in my back at our monthly Thimbles meeting on Friday night and can hardly  sit in a chair for only a few minutes Not good! I will need to  WILL this away because I have NO TIME for laying horizontally and accomplishing nothing. 

Much to my surprise I sat down to shoot you a blog post just to make sure you knew I was still alive and still a blogger and what do I find? Blogger has decided to change everything and now I have no idea what I’m doing. Normally I would roll my eyes and take this sort of thing like a WOMAN and figure it all out. But I’m a woman in pain and I have no patience for this right now. Oh well I’m going to muddle through anyway. 

Last month I was in Sea Island with Debbie and some fantastic ladies so I have been away from my Thimble peeps for 2 months. Oh how I missed them and I missed the energy they always have. I took some great photos from the show and tell…you know the drill here we go! 

Ginny and her amazing Tee Shirt Quilt. She is giving it to her cousin (I think) who is retiring. Wowzer.

Debbie made this quilt for her dad’s 80th birthday celebration. They had a surprise party for him and all the attendees signed a leaf!

All of her siblings signed a birdie! This quilt is fabulous! I’m not kidding..FABULOUS. (her mom and dad are fabulous too!)
Jewel Box quilt. Talk about sparkle! I swear I love anything with black in it..DRAMATIC.
Lovely logs! Who doesn’t love a well built log cabin!
Kristie and her block of the week quilt from Barbara Brackman’s blog/web site. All done and everything! sheesh How does Kristie keep up with all this..!
Karin and her very large quilt. I think she said she was giving it to her daughter. Karin is retiring in 5 weeks…She is one happy lady!
Julie made this fabulous Star Gazing quilt. One of my favorite patterns!
Suzanne and some other teachers  made this quilt for a teacher friend. Each person who sewed the quilt was a color that matched their personality. What a unique idea!!!

Karmen and her log cabin quilt from the 70’s/80’s which she got from her mom. I’m jealous! yup I am! and I recognize some of those fabrics.
Tycoa and her hand dyed..machine quilted piece. It was LUVERLY!

Karin’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I think this one is Roll Roll Cotton Boll…Imagine what Karin is going to accomplish when she retires!

I have some more photos to show you but right now I’ve reached my limit on being able to sit in a chair. NOT GOOD! I will be telling you the story of what Karin did to ME, NEXT POST.


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    Lovely quilts. I need a log cabin. Take care of that back. You’re going to need it for holding that grandson!

  2. 2

    Sorry to hear about your back. Had a great time last week.

  3. 3

    I sure hope your back gets better, I can’t see you laying around for anything….love the pictures….

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