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Nice quote huh? So true. I would like to take this time to post a word or two about the concept of NORMAL. What is your normal? Busy? Quiet? Loud? Introspective? Active? Sedate? Organized? Disorganized? Happy? Sad? Naturally Friendly? Like to be with people but still quiet? WELL I have a bit of a story!

I was telling my dear friend Karin that another person (nameless) said they enjoyed being with me because I’m NORMAL. It was the nicest thing this person could say to me. I was so grateful for the compliment and moved on…to my normal way of proceeding through my day. This was my dear friend Karins reaction to my statement. 


What YOU NORMAL?????
Then she and others got into the ugly laugh!
Which turned into hysteria. I’m tellin you people this went on for days. The laughing and wise cracks were in abundance.

 I ask you this. What is normal? I think I am the spirit and essence of normal. That is right nuthin wrong with me. 

I ask another question do normal people do this?

Who purchases not one, two or three Magic Wands for marking sewing units..noooooo  FOUR MAGIC WANDS?…and she thinks I’m not NORMAL???

I rest my case you as members of the jury may decide what is normal. PS. the check is in the mail please vote for me..the normal one.


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    I think you are normal.

  2. 2

    Of course your normal…..but then again so am I ….

  3. 3

    Who WANTS to be normal???

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    There are different normals… Normal for a quilter is to own three Magic Wands, 20 rulers (at least three of them are duplicates), and a stash to insulate your house. There are different normals for woodworkers, fishermen, hunters, scrapbookers, knitters, etc. The best things about normal quilters is that we all share a common love of taking fabric, cutting it up in little pieces, and sewing it back together again. That’s our normal…

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    GeeMa is my friend for life, oh “normal” one!

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