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I have wanted for sometime to share the story and spirit of the club I have facilitated for almost 10 years now. If you read my blog and blogs of some of the members of my club you know about “Thimbles”. An amazing group of quilters that began in 2003 in a shop in St. Mountain Georgia, originally named “Pinheads”. That shop closed but the group was insistent that we live on. I moved the club to Stitch N’ Quilt and the club was renamed again to “Stitch N’ Sisters”. We remained there for 4 years. The ladies that owned that shop decided to close their shop and retire.  Homeless again! I decided to move the club to neutral territory and let the club stand alone. Now we have a permanent home at my church home! 
This group is committed to being together…quilting together and loving each other like NOTHING I have ever seen. There is no drama, no competition just love of each other and quilting. We cheer and stomp and celebrate with every finished project. When one of us is “down” we are lifted up by the others. (ask me how I know this!!!). Thimbles are really the definition of what a quilt group should be. We all say “There is just magic here with this group”. The group is large so I have 3 different sessions that meet on the third weekend of every month on Friday mornings 10-3 Friday Evening 5-10 and Saturday from 10-3. Many members stay and sew for all three sessions. You have seen many of the show and tell quilts from our meetings each month.And you will be seeing them for years to come!
For many years we offered the OPTION of a precut quilt for members to purchase and work on in class, or at a later date.  We did this monthly. I have slowed that down to about 5 or 6 projects/kits per year.   Over 9.5 years we have had some amazing kits and quilts that have grown from this club. Different shops in the area put kits together for our club.  It works well working with different shops and their unique styles. The members of the club love it! There is no pressure to buy the kits…they can sew on what ever project that they want during club time. The kits are as I said “optional”.  Where does all this lead me? To you!
 While at market last fall I was in the booth right next to Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison/Bonnie Blue Quilts now known as Red Crinoline Quilts. Paula was interested in the club and I was interested in using one her quilts to offer as a kit for the club. Paula said to me..“Pat, why don’t you kit this up yourself, put it on your website?” After the paramedics left and I was off the ventilator…
Kristie and I put our heads together and decided to jump in there with kits and goodies with an expansion of my website patterns/kits/products that we love. I’m so happy to have Kristie walk this path with me. What I really want is to bring YOU some of the amazing projects that “Thimbles Club” have been able to choose for their quilt experience. I hope you will stay with us to see what we are going to be adding to my web site in the coming months (tons of stuff is on the way!). We are fired UP! Next year we celebrate 10 years of “Thimbles” so we are going to expand in a big way, join us! Who says there can’t be a cyber Thimbles group?
Here is the first!!! Lets do the happy dance now!! 
Second Hand Clothes by Red Crinoline Quilts
kit by Silver Thimble Quilt Co. 
full photo on web site

Thimbles Club was offered this kit for the month of June. The kit has 110 DIFFERENT fabrics. Yes I said 110! Holy Cow that is amazing. There is not too much sub cutting, so you will be off to the races and sewing in a jiffy. The quilt is also a good size, actually quite large! 85″x 93″. Believe me it is spectacular. It is on my web site now.

Hope you will like some of the new things going on here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters. 

BTW I started this blog at 8 is now 6:56pm. It has been a full and busy day at the headquarters! Who said I can’t keep 7,562 things in the air. Lets hope I get to sleep!


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    Ok I feel totally stupid right about now. I didn’t know WHO you are (were) until tonight! Here I went rambling on and on about Fried Green Tomatoes and such when I had no clue that you weren’t a quilter like me. Thank you for your kind emails back to me, and not making me feel like an idiot. LOL I am so in love with your stuff. Thank you for being you and being so humble to share with all of us. I don’t remember if I told this little story, our son Scott was at Ft. Benning GA for Army training, he calls me and says MAMA I ordered sweet tea cause they said its the thing to do in the South. And Mama they brought me syrup! I laughed until I cried……. now that he’s in Afganistan I wonder what he will be trying next.
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    what fun…will go and check out your website.

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    This quilt is sooo much fun. I have almost all of the nine patches done ( I love not having to go to work!!) Have not figured out what is going on the back yet-if I am missing-check the sewing room

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    Will start on this quilt soon.

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    I went to your website, but did not find this quilt. Help.

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