Camp and Sewing

Emily has posted about the camp scholarship fund in our little angel Jackson’s honor. I hope you will visit her blog and have a nice The above quote is for Emily and her Russ. It sums up their attitude pretty well.

I am a whirlwind of excitement now. Guess what is this weekend !!! THIMBLES CLUB…YEAH BABY. Friday and Saturday and then (drum roll pahleeeze) Monday at 9 am we rock the house (which happens to be my church) with SUMMER STITCH IN 2012. There will be 36 mad for quilting women sewing their brains out and fingers to the bone from 9am – 9pm for 6 days. Yes my friends you heard me right, I said 6 days. My camera is charged up and ready to go. This year promises to be a good one. 

Aside from getting goodie bags ready and planning for the big week I have been working on my project list. (choke, gasp, wheeze). I’ve been doing some big stitch quilting, tons of fun and works up fairly fast. I’m using 3 strands of floss and a crewel needle. I marked my piece with Clover white disappearing ink pen. I have used them before with good success. I was lucky that my motif transferred to the dark fabric through my light box. Lucky yes, very lucky! It is not pretty when I throw myself on the floor and pitch an old fashion southern HISSY FIT! (that would be a tantrum).

Writing today, with a side order of mental breaks called visits to Pinterest. What is wrong with this picture??? My eyes are falling out of my head between non stop sewing, hand stitching, and writing. So what does Pat do? Takes a break from it all by visiting my Pinterest Boards. Me thinks I need an intervention. 


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    I love that quote! I think I may just have to borrow it and stick it on my fridge! Have a great day! :0)

  2. 2

    Oh have fun!!! Looking forward to all the pictures :*) I am in the same sorry situation as you with Pinterest. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I have to go check in before I go to bed to make sure I haven’t missed anything I need to pin =^..^=

  3. 3

    Love the quote!

    Can I come to Summer Stitch – please!!!!! I promise to behave. Please!


  4. 4

    Very good quote. 6 days of fun??!! Oh I wish I lived closer! I would be there with bells on! LOL

  5. 5

    Your daughter’s blog is awesome. She is definitely made of the same stuff as her mom.

    Wish I could be there to sew with you next week. I’m in need of some gal time.

  6. 6

    Love the quote, see you tomorrow.

  7. 7

    Great quote! Ohhh….I am soooooooooo addicted to Pinterest….sigh….

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    I can’t write this to the general population, due to security issues. Our son Scott was hit by a bomb this morning in Afganistan. He has a concussion and some cuts ect but will be ok. We haven’t heard if they are sending him home or to Germany to recoup. But two have been listed as deceased. My Mommy heart breaks and is relieved that my son is going to be ok, but another Mom is getting some really hard news right now. Prayers are appreciated.

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