September Timbles Meeting

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after a committee of sleep has worked on it. – John Steinbeck
Well hello Mr. Steinbeck! So tell me Mr. Steinbeck what do you do if the committee of sleep didn’t get the memo and calls meetings in the middle of the night? hmmm food for thought huh? 
Thimbles meeting, yup..and here is the proof! 

Elaine and her adorable doggie quilt. She did a terrific job on this. The background plaid really was a great idea. Elaine is on the left Pam is on the right. Pam thinks she is a pretzel! hahaha

Becky and a fabulous quilt. I may have shown this one before. If my memory is right (HA!), I think this quilt is all flannel. I love the blue/brown/red combo..seriously love.

Look who is rockin those neutrals..Miz Pam. Sooper Dooper!

Linda with another great quilt. I particularly love that itty bitty inner red border. yes I do.
Teresa and another quilt she whipped out! This girl can talk and precision piece at the same time. She is a wizz bang at the machine. She always has something special to show.

Well who doesn’t love a good log cabin? In star formation? Teeney Tiny logs? Sandra is retiring after this school year. Imagine what she will do with her time then!
Here is Becky with those Twisters. Floating Twisters. Great use of color twisters.

And here is Ginny with baby twisters. AND I MEAN BABY..Twisters. I swear those things were about an inch. Holey Buckets..It makes my brain hurt to think of this. Maybe these little babies will grow up and be a quilt like Becky’s.

Sarah and her Christmas fabric and red. Red is good yes it is Sarah!
Paula is the queen of Stonehenge fabric. Isn’t this wonderful? Look at the borders. Very nice. I may just have to get me some Stonehenge fabbies too.

Sandy made my Star Gazing Pattern with some wonderful fabrics. Trust me on this one. The photo does not do it justice. I loved it. Thanks Sandy 🙂

Precious play mat for some little person. Now I swear I can’t remember who is behind that quilt. Please step forward there will be a consolation prize.hahaha 
This is Jane’s quilt. She made my Road to Romance pattern with the fabric line “Etchings”. She is taking it to her son in Barcelona Spain next month. I think she should take me too. Again the photo doesn’t show the fabulous fabric. The main background fabric is a map of the streets of Paris…sigh!
This is a runner/wall hanging that Tricia (my SIL) and I made. We took it to our husbands cousins 50th wedding celebration last month and had the guests sign it. So now it is quilted and on its way back to Peoria. 

And this is Tricia behind her newest quilt. Love it! Super Fabrics Huh?
I believe Miz Paula is behind this quilt and this is more Stonehenge fabric. I’m tellin ya she needs a 12 step program she has a major addiction to these fabrics. 
And finally we have Miss Marilyn modeling her scarf she knitted. Check out the attitude. HUMPF! Sub plot…look at the photos behind where she is standing. hahahaha. She better watch that attitude she is gonna have some SPLAININ to do someday!!!!!
Ok that is all the showy stuff for now back to work, it is only 3am…the committee has a long meeting in mind for me tonight.
(this morning).


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    WOW! WOW!and WOW! Thanks Pat! I needed that! Amazing projects!

  2. 2

    I love coming to your Show & Tell! Just breathtakingly beautiful quilts and wonderful women who have made them. The play mat quilt has given me a great idea to make each of the grands a quilt to Grammy’s house from where they live.
    Happy Fall, XOXO

  3. 3

    Some great looking quilts.

  4. 4

    WOW!~ I loved seeing all of these quilts!~ Pat, I’ll see you in Franklin. Can you bring me all of your books please? Instead of me buying one now, I’ll wait if you will have them. thanks!

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