I wanted to get a post off before we stuff the bird and make buckets of mashed potatos. First of all, thank you for all your kind comments and emails. You have no idea how comforting your words have been to me I think of them daily…heck practically hourly. I am getting better and choose to take a positive mindset and live joyfully. (the rest of the family is too, we all have different good and bad days as I said before) Yes, these holidays are not going to be what we had planned and sooo looked forward to, but as the saying goes. The wind blows and we will change our sails to a new direction. There is joy to be had.  When you have a blessed life….is there any other way to live?

I’m coming back from the mountains of work and deadlines. It feels good. I think I am finding myself all over again. Don’t freak out I’m not going to get all mushy and philosophical here. I’m craking open a new bag of Cheetos and moving toward doing some fun things, and being with my friends again in 2013. I have some “paying it forward” to do!  I hope my neglected blog friends will join me.I have tons of stuff to share.

I swear the new patterns will be on my web site. I’ve been trying to load them all morning and well………..I could blame my computer but I must not tell a lie. Me thinks it is operator error.  

I’m making a recipe for Thanksgiving that I have probably made a zillion and 1 times. We kinda got away from it for a few years and Tricia asked me to make it again this year. It is from Southern Living magazine way way way back. Some of my bestest recipes have been made from Southern Living. yes siree! 

This is it: (insert mental photo, because I have none)

Frosted Cranberry Squares 
(you are going to want to double or triple this for a crowd)

1can (13oz. 1 2/3 cups) crushed pineapple
2 small or 1 large pkg. lemon jello
17 oz. bottle of gingerale
1 can jellied cranberry sauce
2 oz. pkg. dessert topping mix (Dream whip! but seriously friends I like to make REAL whip cream! It is your choice.)
8 oz. pkg cream cheese (I could eat cream cheese smeared on an old shoe!)     

Drain pineapple reserving syrup. Add water to syrup to make 1 cup. Heat until mixture is boiling. Dissolve gelatin in hot liquid; cool. Gently stir in gingerale; chill until partly set. (I usually stick the pot in the fridge to cool it down, I’m such a cool cook!) Meanwhile, blend drained pineapple and cranberry sauce. Fold into the cooled gelatin mixture. Turn inton a 9″x 9″ dish. Chill til firm. Prepare dessert topping according to package directions.(or make some yummy whipped cream) Fold in cream cheese and spread mixture over gelatin. Top with toasted pecans. (optional but very pretty, and we love pretty right?)

Just tried to send you some photos..seems like someone is out of photo storage space. hmmmm just what I need right now! Time to set those sails in another direction.


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    Okay girlfriend. It seems a lot of bloggers have been having this problem lately. When we were FORCED to join the new interface, blogger has been gobbling up your picture count by publishing them larger. If you go to Helen’s blog post, you can find the BEST solution to fixing your photo storage if you are using Blogger.


    Since the interface change, I just upload my pictures to Picasa, reduce the size to 800×600 and it does NOT go against my photo count. Cool huh? I can also watermark my pictures at the same time.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for the lovely friends like you in blog land.

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    Sounds like some yummy stuff happening at your place!

    I think of you, your family, and your littlest angel often, and wish you the best going into this holiday season.

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    You had me at cranberry! I just did an upside-down cranberry~toasted almond cake that you might like too. I know how hard holidays are, but I also know it is our faith and the blessings in our life that keep us moving forward. Love, Susan

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, my friend. We’re visiting family… somewhat bittersweet… Dad has Alzheimer’s so this may be the last year he remembers us… but we will remember this time together. (Isn’t that profound?)

    When you serve the Cranberry Squares, do you cut them and serve them individually? Thinking maybe for the hubby’s Kiwanis Christmas party.

  5. 5

    Hope you had a great day.

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    Lots of hugs and good wishes coming your way from Virginia! I loved seeing you at market. I am posting you on my blog today.

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