The less of routine, the more of life. – Amos Bronson Alcott

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We turn not older with years but newer every day. 
-Emily Dickinson

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A fun project

We sometimes underestimate the influence of the little things. 
– Charles W. Chestnutt

My friend Judy Laquidara and I met at Quilt Market in Houston a couple of years ago. I had been a big fan of her blog for a long time and enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her. She is such a kind and sweet person. I love her chickens too! We have never met so far.

Judy asked me if she could host a Stitch a long and use our pattern Comfort and Joy. Well, this is a no brainer. Sure and let’s GO GO GO. So with the speed of light she has announced her plans on this blog post. I’m tellin you I seriously think she does not sleep! She is going to make two Comfort and Joy quilts at the same time. Holey Moley are you serious Judy?  Anyway, I hope you will pay her blog a visit and maybe decide to jump in there with her fabulous group project. Use some of your stash and have a spectacular Christmas addition to your home or a gift for a special someone who may never recover from getting such a fabulous gift. If I got a gift like that from Judy I would probably volunteer to come clean the chicken coop for life! just sayin.

BJ and I are thrilled she has selected our pattern for this event. We will be watching and cheering along the way! Go on now and check out Judy’s blog. 


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    Pat, this looks like so much fun! I’ve loved this pattern for a long time — it will be fun to complete it with the Quilt-along! And, I ordered your new pattern with the snowmen (forgot the name just now) but, it’s just adorable! Thanks for letting us know about Judy’s quilt along!

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    If only I had the time right now…but it does look like tons of fun. Happy New Year to you Pat and your family. XOXO

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    Girlfriend, forget cleaning the chicken coop! I’ll send you a quilt if you’ll just come visit with me!

    I love your patterns and my blog readers are so happy with this new project. Thanks for great patterns!

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    I love that quilt Pat. Maybe someday I’ll make it.


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