After the big day, quiet time

What a wonderful thought it is that the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet! – unknown 

I think that this week, the week after Christmas may be my favorite week of the year. Christmas is over, the presents are unwrapped. Leftovers from meals and entertaining are in abundance! Finally we have cooled down a bit in Georgia and we can enjoy fires in the fireplace…all is quiet…all is calm. Bottom line, 


My plan for sewing in 2013 is deep and wide. Of course there is always much to be done in the area of Silver Thimble Quilt Co. projects. BJ and I are ready to add some more projects to our new Celebrations line of designs. We are so excited at the ppopularity of these smaller projects. Our next project will have a Summertime theme. And that is all you will hear about that. You will just have to be patient. ;). I have a lot of other sewing commitments in the pipeline that I am excited about. 

This year I‘m going to stay focused on the goal of some bucket list sewing. I spend so much time on Silver Thimble designs and sewing, this year I want to spend some time on some projects for my home that make my skirt fly up. Designs I love from other designers that I want to make. The top of the list is Blackbird Designs Home Sweet Home quilt. Here she is the quilt that I love sew much. I have the book, it is on an easel in my sewing room with candles lit all around it. I pick the book up and pet it and talk to it and tell it I’m going to make the quilt.  Don’t ask me why, you understand how one quilt just speaks to you right? please be honest I don’t want to be the only one with a sick obsession with a specific quilt.

Top of the bucket list this one is, for sure. Further complicating the love of this quilt is that I want to needle turn the applique. Yes I am going to begin 2013 with complete insanity. Please support my efforts here! I may need a cheerleading squad to keep me focused. I would also love to hand quilt the thing. Ok I’ll stop now and just focus on the fabric selection. One step at a time. 

I will say that I have friends in crime on the making of this quilt. I’ll let you know about them along the way. 

I’ll be back to tell you about a sew along Judy Laquidara is doing on her blog! I’m off right now to drink some coffee with my kids and enjoy some after Christmas quiet time by the fire. sigh I’m so happy.I just love the peaceful week after Christmas!




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    I can see why you want to make the BBD quilt! It’s one I want to do too. Saw a pic of one on black background with lots of red and plaid and just fell in love. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy New Year!

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    That is the perfect choice for a YOU quilt Pat! I’ll be cheering.

  3. 3

    So your quilting bucket list is not UFOs or PhDs but new, start fresh quilts. I’m excited about the appliqué quilt.. You should have it done to bring to Quilter’s Paradise are treat in 2014!

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