East Cobb Quilt Guild Show

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Jennifer James

Last month I had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer for the East Cobb Quilt Guild in Marietta Georgia. It was the month  before their quilt show. They hold the show every other year and it is some kinda of show. If you are anywhere near Atlanta please come to the show, NO forget that..get on a plane and come to Atlanta.  It is an Atlanta quilting tradition not to be missed. BIG FUN! While I was there I donated some patterns and my book for their raffle basket. I enjoyed doing that and I try to some pattern donations whenever I visit! I didn’t think too much about it after that.  This past Friday I went with Debbie, Becky, and BJ to hear the fabulous Lisa Bongean give her lecture to the East Cobb Guild. She was terrific!!! They had all the baskets for the upcoming show on display. LOOKIE! 


They (actually it was one person who I don’t know who to credit!)  took the patterns and book and made this fabulous basket. I was ready to plunk down some bucks so I could win the thing! She made a whole garden theme basket, there were flowers and tools and all kinds of stuff. No kiddin it blew my skirt right UP! I hope the guild makes zillions of $$$ on it.

But here comes something else! This is the raffle quilt. You may cast your eyes upon this quilt. I think you should buy some tickets too! However, get ready because I emptied out the Earl de Schleps 401K and I will be winning the quilt.. like I say back off! This baby is mine!!! Raffle Quilt shots for post card

I have seen a lot of raffle quilts and this quilt is B.E.Y.O.N.D. Amazing. I can’t wait till they call me to tell me I have won. I will drive clear across Atlanta to get it even if I have to go through rush hour traffic! Yup I’m gonna win!!!  

Please come visit Atlanta and the East Cobb Quilt Guild Show..you won’t regret it. visit their web site http://ecqg.com/quilt-show/

 I’m getting used to my new blog. Maybe I should get Word Press for people who think they are smart but actually they are fooling themselves.


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    Pat, Just found this new site and it is too wonderful for words! I just love all the details and how well organized your information is. Congratulations on a another project done perfectly!

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      Thank you Diane for your sweet comment! It means sooo very much to me. I love to hear from my readers.

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