East Cobb Quilts

Person to person, moment to moment, as we love, we change the world.

– Samahria Lyte Kaufman

This blog post has been delayed, much considered and a bit confusing. I went to the East Cobb Quilt show last week. Loved it. MAJOR! After taking 200 photos I set about checking to see if I could post these photos on my blog. I did not save my program because I believed that I could not post the photos. I made some calls and got permission. Here is the issue. In most of the cases I do not know who the quilter is, who the long arm quilter is, who the desinger is. I now find myself posting these photos without attribution. I was told this is absolutely okay…but I’m still left with butterflys in my tummy and the feeling that I’m doing the wrong thing. It has always been my policy to listen to the butterflys! So why am I doing this? Well, it is for you my blog readers. I so badly want to bring you the joys of a fabulous show you may be to far away to ever attend or just can’t get here. I am left with my butterflys and the hope that these photos will not be taken off this blog and used irresponsibly. I am trusting, sometimes this is not a good thing. So if I see my photos on any other social media I will put a POX on the house of the one who done it!!!! Let’s enjoy the show.

I’m going to do a couple of posts on this show. The first is applique. When I go to quilt shows or see show and tells at guilds and stuff applique always pulls me in. I’m telling you I love me some applique! Here is just a sample of what I saw. 

Who doesn't like a good monster quilt! I hope this quilt will be in my future!

Who doesn’t love a good monster quilt? 


Look at this! Spendid I say.


And a Merry Christmas to you!

Sweet, sweet, sweet I may need to see the dentist.


I think BJ is still standing there looking at this quilt. I agree BJ.


Sashing andappliqued polka dots. Speak to me baby.


These dresses! I have two girls all grown up and I have many, many, many and a whole bunch more of the smocked dresses I made for them as little girls. hmmmm. Maybe one day they will be a quilt.


I love Sue Spargo designs. I took a class from her and wrote about it a year or so ago. The person who made this beauty knows how to do Sue Sargo justice. yes sireee.

I edited and downloaded a whole bunch more photos (including applique) which I will blog about later. I must run out the door in 45 min. to THIMBLES CLUB. They would frown on me if I show up in my PJ’s (although the would not be at all surprised.! They all know me all to well.)


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    I love the sashed and appliqued polka dots. I missed the show this year… had to go see my Dad. Look forward to more pics.

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