Stitch IN…the sequel

If you laugh a lot, when you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places. – Andrew Mason

Blogs from my ipad app. I hope all this is working because I have photos galore to show you. Here are photos from the Stitch IN! With peanut gallery comments from moi. (of course)

Carla and her zig zag quilt. She made this in a jiffy. I wish I could remember where she got the pattern and who designed it.

Karmen and a sweet quilt she is giving to a special friend.

Kim finished her Lady in Red quilt from our kit. This is the quilt that was in the Quilt Almanac 2013.

Marie, Marie Marie…neutral…so elegant.

Susan was knocking out the quilts this week. Every time I turned around she had finished another project! This one was from a kit Mary Ellen brought on Tuesday and she finished it by Friday! sheesh!!!!

Gretchen (who is newly engaged) brought her Sunnyside quilt in to show us. Made from amazing feed sacks. It blew my skirt right up! This is a favorite quilt from my book. Love it Gretch!!!

Laura was sportin her Mondo bag. I think Laura could fit inside it. What do you think?

Karmen, Teresa and Sarah did a rug demo for us. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR SCRAPS people…make rugs. Teresa made her from selvages!!!!!

Look at Karmen showing the book her mother (Linda Brannock) wrote in the 1980’s about crochet rugs…I made a rug from her mom’s book way back in the 80’ remember the 80’s when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

This is Elaine’s quilt from a Lori Smith pattern. Elaine has a fabulous sense of color. Yes she does. Trust me!

Elaine again with my Scrappy Nines pattern. This one is a smaller version. sigh…I may be the designer on this but I still love this pattern every time I see it.

And Sue with her Elf on the Shelf sleeping bag. From what I hear about that Elf he gets around a lot!

Check this out. Teresa and her quilt made from Jelly Rolls. I know she said it was a Moda Bake shop pattern but I don’t recall the name. You will have to ask Teresa next time you see her.

String quilt by Ann who is a new quilter. This quilt looked so old timey. Loved it. Nice choice of the solid blue background don’t cha think?

ok more later, and a fun announcement.

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  1. 1

    Great looking quilts. I know everyone had a great time.

  2. 2
    Sharon in Michigan says

    Thanks for the show. The quilts and other projects are beautiful.

    • 3

      There are so many more photos, but I’m afraid everyone would get tired of it. Or tired of me talking about all the stuff that went on!!!

  3. 4

    What a lovely rug! Is it crocheted? Would love more details 🙂

    • 5

      Google Crochet Rugs, there are tons of tutorials. Karmen’s mom taught her yeas ago, but a bunch of the girls are making them now.

      • 6

        Pat, can you share what size crochet hook she used and what width of fabric strip? Did she use a regular single crochet stitch or something else? I know there are lots of tutorials, but this one looks nice and I am curious how this one was made 🙂

  4. 7

    Pat, while all these friends are sewing sewing sewing, what are YOU doing? Your work is mysteriously missing. Perhaps you are busy earning more strikes on the naughty and nice?

    • 8

      Very funny. I was bouncing around the room playing/bugging everyone else. There may have been some Cheeto eating..

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